My Top 10 Fashion Shopping Sites

Finding where to shop is almost a full-time job, especially if you need to stick to a budget. I’m always on the lookout for new fashion sites to add to my collection, whether they’re in-store or online, but I’m glad to have my standby top ten favorites that I can always turn to. In case some of you out there don’t have a top ten fashion shopping sites list to turn to, you can borrow mine; here are my top ten favorite shopping sites.

Shop Ruche

Shop Ruche has got to be my all-time favorite clothing store and the great thing about this online source is that their stock is good across the board: the accessories, clothing, and shoes. I will admit that their purse selection is not as strong as the rest of the stock, but still passable. For vintage inspired clothing Shop Ruche is always my first stop.


Modcloth’s stock is very similar to Shop Ruche but the one main difference is in quality; Modcloth tends to be of slightly lower quality, but it is a valuable and esteemed fashion site nonetheless for vintage inspired clothing.

A perk of this site is that they also have a large apartment section as well, so after you pick up a few clothing and accessory items you can shop for apartment knick knacks.

**One thing to watch out for on Modcloth though is the extremely high purse and handbag prices, these can reach over $300, so I would go to a more affordable source for purses.

Arden B

I can’t say enough good things about Arden B and it is one of the first sites I go to when I’m looking for work wear or really classic yet sexy date wear. There are a number of items currently on my shopping wish list at Arden B.

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If you want a classic look at an affordable price with just a bit more fashion forward slant than the department stores, try Arden B.

Lu Lu’s

Lu Lu’s is fun, funky, casual fashion for girls on a budget. The items are priced quite reasonably and the site offers a wide standard selection of clothing as well as a vintage inspired section.

**Lu Lu’s vintage items are far from authentic looking, but are good fun just the same. If you want more authentic looking vintage inspired clothing, definitely go with Shop Ruche and/or Modcloth.

80’s Purple

80’s Purple is one of those incredibly trendy sites which is largely geared toward women in their 20’s but there are gems to be found for women in their 30’s as well if you just spend a little time looking through the wide stock selection. The site capitalizes heavily on the current trend of 80’s throwback fashions.


Anthropologie offers a mix of classic sophisticated looks with just the right amount of fashion forward trendy edge. The items here never stray too far out of the sphere of things that can be worn on a day-to-day basis, whether for work, dates, or casual outings.

**Word of caution though to any new Anthropologie shoppers, their clothing is a bit pricey, you might want to stick with the sale items.


Ecoist offers some fabulous eco-friendly fashion accessories for reasonable prices. My favorite currently on Ecoist is the new M&M;’s Mix line which features Nahui Ollin inspired knock-off purses.


Kohl’s is my standard go-to store for basics at an affordable price. When I need to find a work wear item quickly, or I need a dress for a specific occasion and just want to try it on and pick it up at a store nearby instead of online shopping, I go to Kohl’s. Standard cut blazers, classic sheath dresses, and white button down shirts are all specific items that Kohl’s does particularly well.

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Also, don’t forget that Vera Wang does have a line featured here. For me, her Kohl’s items have been very hit or miss, but her line is worth the look.


Forever21 has to be one of the cheapest clothing stores available, and as such, they are great for quickly filling in wardrobe gaps and for dirt cheap accessories. While some may scoff about the quality of Forever21’s items, I have to say, if you’re a skilled shopper you can find the few gems out of racks and racks of crap. There’s a reason why big fashion magazines like Elle and People Style Watch will feature Forever21 items, it’s because some items are quite good for the price, and look quite chic too.

I have had lots of success finding great accessory items on the Forever21 site and a friend of mine just made a purchase of three Forever21 dolman sleeve tops that she is quite pleased with.

Pixie Market

Pixie Market is one of those needle in a haystack type stores; it’s very young and trendy, and because of that it can be tough for a woman in her 30’s to find daily wearable pieces here. Pixie Market requires some scouring but great buys can be had here; it just takes patience until you find just the right item.

Those are my top ten shopping sites, which are in your top ten?