My Top 10 Favorite Pregnancy Books

I am 28 weeks pregnant! I just wanted to share some of the books I have read (and I have read a lot). Pretty much at first I read anything I could get my hands on. Here is my top 10 that I liked and I have read more than 50 so it was hard to narrow it down, but here ya go.

10: My husband Tony’s sister gave me a copy of this book, “What to Expect When You’re Expecting.” This book goes through all 40 weeks of gestation week by week, which is kinda cool to see what is going on with you and the baby. This book has supposedly been read by 90% of expecting moms, so know that your in good hands.

9: Betsy also gave me another book which I highly recommend, “Nursing Your Baby,” by: Karen and Gale Pryor. The New York Times has called this book, “The Bible On Breastfeeding. It has a ton of facts with solid information that is not overly preachy. Mom’s say you will want to have this for before and after the baby is born as a reference and I can see why after reading.

8: The Next book which is totally just for fun (at least for me) is called “50,001 Best Baby Names.” If you haven’t got one picked out already than here are 50,001 to choose from and what each one means. It also includes Hollywood’s picks and other modern trending baby names. But I just thought it was fun to have ideas that I would have never thought of.

7: A really man-approved book I received is called “Pregnancy Instruction Manual,” by Sarah Jordan with David Ufberg M.D. The reason I say man-approved is my husband said it reminded him of something out of a flight manual. It’s a small book, and he liked that. It also had funny things that made me laugh out loud. There is a picture on almost every page so those who don’t like a ton of reading I would suggest this.

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6: My mom gave me the next book, “Dr. Spock’s Baby and Child Care.” This book is over 65 years old, and has been re-printed lots of times to add new things. It’s easy to read, and has a ton of useful things for before during and after pregnancy. Things like, “How to give your baby a bath,” and “What to do about issues such as thumb sucking,” are all discussed. You will be glad you have this reference.

5: Now this book I bought off Amazon as I wanted to know more information on making teas and which herbs are good for pregnancy. Did you know that Raspberry Leaf Tea is used to make your uterus muscles stronger! I have been drinking it every night since I found that out!

4: Okay, this next book might not be for everyone,”Herbal Childbearing Year.” I say this because it talks about what’s in everything from nail polish to the mattress you sleep on, and that can freak some new mothers out! But if you want to be well informed of some typical household products and other things that might not be too good for you now that you are pregnant try this book as it has a lot of resources on what to buy (makeup for instance) that isn’t loaded with toxic chemicals.

3: “Birthing From Within” by Pam England CNM, MA and Rob Horowitz PHD is just a beautiful book. They go into art you can do while your pregnant. They also look at being a mother in a whole new light. This book is a mother centered book instead of the typical baby centered book. They even suggest instead of having a baby shower having a “Mother’s Blessing.” I just love this book!

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2: “The Birth Partner” is for whoever is going to be with you when you give birth. It is excellent for your significant other, friend, relative or Douala. I also read this book, gave it too my husband who found it really reassuring because he felt more prepared for the big day, and my mother who I plan on being my doula!

1: YAY! We are at my number one recommended pregnancy birth book! And really I have two but either one of these are fabulous, “Birthing from Within” and “Ida May’s Guide to Childbirth.” Do you want to know why? Because they are by the same author; Ina May Gaskin! This lady has it going on, her and her husband created this totally far out hippie community back in the 70’s where she became the groups main midwife. The first book talks a lot about the hippie days and giving birth in buses and the very first few births she has attended. Not feeling so psychedelic, try her newest book, which she talks about modern midwifery and home birth.