My Top 10 Hottest Red Head Celebrities

I have always had a fond likeness towards red heads in general. I will admit to being rude at times and referring to them as Ginger’s…but seriously it is all in jealousy, Ginger’s are hot especially if they have the perfect skin tone to go with their glorious red locks.

Here is a list of the top 10 celebrities who have perfected the art of having red hair!

1. Claire Danes

This hottie sported her flaming red hair in the hit show “My So Called Life”, and ever since, people have preferred Clair Danes in red hair more than they do any other color.

Perhaps it is the way the color of the hair stood out against her pale porcelain like skin tone. Claire Danes for sure takes the number 1 slot.

Click to view a photo of Claire Danes smoking hot red locks.

2. Kate Winslet

This natural red head is a complete stunner, with authentic classical grace and beauty. Without her red locks, Kate Winslet would probably go forgotten, however with hair as fiery and hot as Kate’s, she won’t be forgotten any time soon. Click to view Kate’s glowing hot red hair.

3. Cher

Okay so maybe she is not a natural red head, but Cher simply had o make the list due to her more recent wild flaming red hair. Although it is more like Halloween orange, it is still such an interesting hair color. Click to view Cher’s hair.

4. Peggy Bundy

Yes she is a made up TV character, but Peggy Bundy is a celebrity all herself, played by Katey Sagal. Honestly I don’t even think I need to put up a photo of Peggy Bundy, but for those interested, here she is!

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5. Wilma Flinstone

Yeah, she is a cartoon character, but Wilma’s bright red cartoon locks will never go forgotten. Here she is, in all her red headed cartoon glory. Wilma Flinstone.

6. Lucille Ball

Would we seriously Love Lucy less if she did not have her signature red hair?

7. Ariel

Like Wilma, she too is a cartoon character, but that does not mean she is not a celebrity! Ariel totally deserves a spot on the list of hot red heads! Click to view Ariel.

8. Lindsay Lohan

Although many of us may be sick of hearing about this young out of control starlet, Lindsay Lohan became the beloved celebrity she is today due to her oh so scrumptious red locks. Click to view Lindsay Lohan.

9. Marcia Cross

This bombshell is simply stunning! Her hair is wildly bright, and it goes so well with her healthy complexion. Click to view Marcia Cross.

10. Kathy Griffin

Hate her or love her, Kathy Griffin deserves a spot on this list due to being her true and natural self. This bubbly red head has a natural beauty about her that should not be looked over. Click to view Kathy Griffin.

So there you have it world, 10 of the sexiest red head celebrities!