My Top 10 Summer Movies

Watching movies is usually always a good time, and it can be even more fun when you watch good ones with friends and family. I pretty much like all genre’s of movies, but there are ten movies that I can think of that would definitely be good during the summer. My top 10 summer time hits are actually all older films, mostly in the 1990’s.

10. Now and Then – 1995 – This is my number 10 summer movie because it’s about a group a girls that are really good friends and it takes place during the summer. I can definitely relate to these characters and some of the activities that take place during this movie. It is a very cute movie and is a good summer time flick.

9. 10 Things I Hate About You – 1999 – This is my number 9 summer film because it’s a fun, heart felt movie that takes place in high school with a great array of characters. It’s about high school students that are somewhat trying to find love and then students that are very analytical about relationships. This is a great summer film to watch with the girlfriends during summer vacation.

8. Office Space – 1999 – This is a hilarious and fun overall movie for pretty much anytime, but during summer it would be good to watch with family or friends. It’s about a work place that has to lay off a bunch of their employees, and the different ways the employees react to the situation. The characters are easy to relate to and can even relate to our parents and how they feel about work sometimes.

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7. She’s All That – 1999 – This is a cute summer flick that takes place in high school with the popular kids and not so popular kids. It just reminds me of good summer time movie at the beach or with a bunch of friends. The characters are fun and can relate to me and my friends during high school.

6. Dazed and Confused – 1993 – This is always a good flick to get you to the summer, school’s about to be out and it’s time to have fun. The cast is a bunch of well known actors, and they play great together. This is a good summer time flick that is set in the 60’s and is good for all ages.

5. Finding Nemo – 2003 – This is such a cute and fun movie how could you not enjoy this flick during the summer with family. There are a lot of funny parts and is good for all ages. Plus it’s set in the ocean, which makes me definitely think of the beach and the summer.

4. Ferris Bueller’s Day Off – 1986 – This is an oldie, but is such a good and fun flick. The characters are somewhat typical high school students, and are easy to understand. This movie is a about a boy that skips school and tries to get his girlfriend and best friend to do the same so they can have a good time. It just reminds me of a good summer time flick.

3. Mallrats – 1995 – This movie is absolutely hilarious, and I love all the characters. This movie is about a guy that is trying to find a good way to propose, but then ends up getting broke up with. Then him and his best friend spend the day at the mall running into friends and enemies. The ending is really good, and you will like all the different actors. It’s a good flick to watch in the car on the way to a vacation spot during the summer.

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2. Romy and Michelle’s High School Reunion – 1997 – I absolutely love this movie, I can relate to the two lead girls. This movie is about two girls that were sort of dorky in high school, but a lot of fun. They are getting ready to go back to their reunion and they are trying to figure out ways to look more successful than they actually are. There are a lot of quirky scenes, and the soundtrack is actually pretty good too. This is a good summer flick to watch with your girlfriends. It’s a fun and cute movie.

1. Weekend at Bernie’s – 1989 – This is my number one summer movie because it takes place at the beach and there are parties going all the time. This is a cute movie about a guy who is the president of this company that these two other characters work for. The two characters get invited to their bosses beach house for the weekend, but they end up finding their boss dead and the movies escalates from there. It is super funny and the characters and production are definitely old school. I could watch this movie every summer, it’s such a summer time movie in my opinion.

Movies now a days are made with so many special effects, but a lot of the movies that I listed were older and just remind me of the summer. If you have not seen some of the movies check them out, I bet you will get a chuckle out of a lot of them. They are all pretty funny and all the characters are so relate-able.