Need a Job, Need to Be Home? Try Selling Products at Home Parties

We’ve all heard of Avon, it’s been around for decades. Before that there was the Fuller Brush man. Now you needn’t wait for someone to come to your door you can have a party and the product is brought to your home. The new twist is you can have a party, earn the product for free and have a fun time.It can be home decor, Southern Living , Toys, Tupperware,Hanky Panky (lingerie), Candles thru Candlelight, Cooking and entertaining Pampered Chef or make up Mary Kay or Avon.

The other side of the coin is if you want to make a little or a lot of extra money these companies are terrific for women who want to be stay at home Moms but need some extra income. These companies give you the freedom to make your own hours, work when the kids are at achool or if you’re in a divorce situation when the kids are staying with their Father. Don’t think these organizations are just for women either. Some of the most successful members are men. They have no age barrier, if you don’t drive you can hold the parties at home, provide baby sitting and sell that way. You can sell striclty through catalog sales. These organizations provide you with a starter kit, product, sales material, catalogs and training. You pay very little for the quantity and quality of the merchandise in the starter kit. If you decide it isn’t for you the kit is still yours.

There are women who have left triple figure incomes to join these companies: teachers, lawyers, airline stewardesses, school principals, and a pilot are just a few of the occupations that women have left to join some of these companies. I have a best friend who is a National in Mary Kay. She was an airline stewardess and was injured on the job. She began selling Mary Kay and worked her way up to National. She has an enormous group of people under her and recently opened up England as her territory as well as the United States. She and her family have been all over the world on trips she earned.

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There is no glass ceiling. You can go as far in these companies as you want. The support you get from the people above you is unheard of in other fields. Once you’ve become familiar with your product and conducted some parties you start bringing in other people to sell under you. Yes, it’s a pyramid system but a very well done, working system where everyone benefits.

When I hear about women who can’t find a job or are newly divorced and haven’t been in the work field I always think of these companies as a great choice.

I did the party planning for the big seminars my Mary Kay friend would hold for her people. I saw women in their eighties, blind women (yes, blind and working in the make up field and doing very well) and was always so impressed with the camaraderie. They were all so happy for one another’s accomplishments.

There are percs as far as the sales you produce besides producing more income for yourself and those above you. There are wonderful cruises, cars, jewelry, trips to exciting places all paid for by the companies. I’m sure everyone is familar with the pink Cadillac reward Mary Kay Directors achieve.. They are earned through sales accomplishment.

If you’re stuck in a rut, have no specific training, have a pile of kids depending on you, older, retired and at a loss to keep yourself occupied, sick and tired of a nasty job or boss I would strongly advise looking into these companies. I don’t work for any of these companies but I know people who do and I’ve met many, many people who do. It’s not for everyone but its an excellent job for people who like people , fun and earning good money for work well done.