Need Cheap Gifts for Your Employees?

The holidays are approaching quickly and we are all beginning to realize how little time remains to do a lot of preparation and shopping. Buying for family and friends are a given, but some of us have to also consider what gifts to buy our employees on the cheap.

Look no further – here are fantastic low cost employee gift ideas. The phrase ‘cheap employee gifts’ have different meanings for each of us. For some, $20 may seem low cost, while others, especially those with more employees, less than $5 may be the goal. The number of employees and the budget are the key factors.

Once the goal or maximum budget has been set and employees counted, we begin to determine what is appropriate for gifting in the workplace. Regardless of our religious preference, we need to be careful of the beliefs of others as we choose employee’s gifts. Employee’sgender can make a difference as well. The men in the office might not be as inspired by those lavender scented bath salts.

Keeping the above in mind, while thinking about what our employees might enjoy, the fun begins. Cheap gifts do not have to be low quality. For those of us that enjoy DIY projects (do it yourself) and have the time, we can create lovely cheap gifts for our employees. Likewise, we can purchase low cost employee gifts.

The cheap gifts listed can generally be made or purchased for under $10, many for under $5 per person.

Cheap Employee Gifts to Make or Purchase

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Choosing to make employee gifts shows added thought in both time and preparation, while keeping things on the cheap. Yet these same items can often be purchased.

Food items make cheap gifts for our employees. They are well received and something everyone can use. We need to keep food allergies in mind. Additionally, we must be extremely carefully in processing food gifts at home to be sure of their quality and safety. The following food items make wonderful gifts.

DRIED BEAN SOUP MIX – simple to create: Using a favorite bean soup recipe, print it out on card stock, filling a cellophane bag or inexpensive jar with the ingredients. Tie the bag with a ribbon inserted through a hole in the card stock. Layering the beans creates a great visual. Here is a non-profit link to purchase prepackaged mixes for $6.each

JAM or PRESERVES – home canned or purchased from a local farm or gift shop, simply adding an easy biscuit recipe, (attached by a ribbon to the jar), makes a favorite gift.

SALSA – for those of us with a flair for making our own salsa, we can likewise preserve it or purchase it.

BROWNIE IN A JAR – can be pre-baked or dry ingredients packaged together in the jars, with the recipe attached, for the recipient to make.

PASTA LOVERS BOWL – Package the ingredients for a pasta dinner in an inexpensive colander.

REAL MAPLE SYRUP – not too many people tap and boil their own syrup, but those that do are provided with an unique cheap gift opportunity

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GIFT MIX IN A JAR (or cellophane bag) – Trail mix, candies, baking mix with recipe, the ideas are endless.

COOKBOOKS – or a collection of our own favorite recipe cards, bound together in a brag book or with a ribbon or purchased from your local bookstore.

JAR CANDLES – whether purchased or made, everyone can use candles

POT HOLDERS – holiday themed, easy to make.

COOKIES ON A HOLIDAY PLATE – whether homemade or store bought, they will taste good and the plate can be reused year after year.

Employee Gifts to Purchase on the Cheap

Here are some more great ideas for gifts to purchase that will satisfy the fussiest employee!

KITCHEN GADGETS – name it and there is a gadget that will do it. Choose different items and employees can swap.



POCKET CALENDARS – who doesn’t need to keep track of their schedule these days?

BASKETS – so many purposes for baskets.

GIFT CERTIFICATES – for the movies or the local coffee bar, a nice way to offer relaxation to our employees.

LOTTERY TICKETS – give them a dream and maybe they will share the winnings.



Shopping totes – one of my favorite and most affordable options. As low as $.99. and go green!

One final note – have fun, think creative and enjoy the season…remember Jesus is THE reason for the Season!