Need Cheap School Supplies?

Moms are getting way too excited about this time of the year. What’s happening? It’s almost back to school time, yeah. You just can’t wait for that big yellow bus to pull up in front of the house and take the kids to school. Free time for you and you are counting the days. It happens every year. It’s like eating chocolate for the first time – pure heaven.

Before the big day arrives, however, you need to go shopping. A new school year means new school supplies. Kids waste paper, that’s a fact. Kids misplace pens and pencils, another fact. Why would anyone in their right mind buy a grade school kid a $20 dollar pen or a fancy refillable pencil? Don’t do it. Shop cheap, shop at the cheapest stores you can find. No one will think poorly of you, especially other moms.

Step #1 – if you need cheap school supplies

Don’t take the kids with you shopping. If you do, they will know you bought cheap school supplies. Let them sit on the sofa and drain their brains a little more with video games in-between texting the person sitting next to them on the sofa.

Step #2 – if you need cheap school supplies

When you leave the house sneak out a few Macy’s, Kohl’s and Penny’s empty bags. You will need at least one bag per child.

Step #3 – if you need cheap school supplies

Head out of the driveway and directly to the nearest Dollar Store, Dollar General or Dollar Tree. Load up those plastic baskets with pens, pencils, note paper, binders and whatever else says “school”. Pick up some cheap snacks while you are there.

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Step #4 – if you need cheap school supplies

Once you are back at the car, divide up the goodies and place them in the Macy’s, Kohl’s and Penny’s bags. Make sure you divvy the goodies up equally, one less thing for the kids to complain about. Throw the Dollar Store, Dollar General or Dollar Tree bags in the trash immediately, that step is extremely important.

Step #5 – if you need cheap school supplies

Now head to Big Lots, they are the cream of the crop in low priced items, but on a higher playing field compared to the dollar type stores. Pick out a few items from their large supply of back to school offerings. The Big Lots I was in the other day had at least 6 rows of BTS (back to school) items. Get one high(er) priced item for each kid, that is a decoy item.

Step #6 – if you need cheap school supplies

To totally throw the kids off, now go to one of the high-end stores and buy yourself something really nice – you saved so much money on the cheap school supplies you can afford it! Be sure to leave the receipt where the kids can see it, they won’t read it, but they will see the store’s name and “assume” you shopped for them at that store.

Step #7 – if you need cheap school supplies

Make sure all the moms shop at the dollar type places. That way all kids have equal value items and they will be none the wiser.

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Step #8 – if you need cheap school supplies

Play it up big. At the dinner table tell your husband how much money you spent on pencils and paper and that nothing is too expensive for your kids. Say it loud enough that the kids her you. You may have to repeat it several times.

That’s it, very simple, you’re done. This will probably only work on the younger kids, but what the heck, it will give you a few years grace period! Now grab your purse, your keys and hit the Dollar Store, Dollar General and Dollar Tree – bargains are waiting for you!


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