Need Money, Beg for it on the Internet

Debt, almost everyone has it, while some work on reducing there spending other people have gone about and are “begging” for money. What do I mean by begging? I mean putting up websites and asking people to give them money. The reasons are anywhere from paying for a wedding, to paying off a school loan.
There are a few who simply state “I want money just to spend.”

Everyone wants free money, and thanks to the internet, that can be easily found… Most legit Donation websites like the American Heart Association, you know that you money is going for them and will be used to help with heart disease and research. What about the people who simply want donation for themselves? How do you know what your five dollar donation will be used for?

Some of the web pages I found while searching on the internet, most where personal pages with a paypal account attached. One page caught my attention; it had $17000 dollar debt and a countdown meter to zero, as he gets a donation the meter went down. He posts online as to how he is doing getting his debt down. This is a very well designed to show he is truly paying off his debt, in my opinion. Other site just simply have a donate sign but doesn’t tell you if they really are paying off a debt.

This trend of begging for money is getting popular that a whole website called is set up for people to beg. In fact 20/20 did a story on the site, and the website shows the clip, to help put your mind at ease that they want to help you beg for money. The Site is a firm believer in the laws of attraction and in fact the site states:

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“Find out how you can be helped!
Do you need money, cash?
If you can’t get approved for a loan, don’t want a loan to payback
or have no family to rely on?
Or if you just need money for whatever reason.
The Solution: Ask for the money you need!
“Ask and ye shall receive!”
Use the power of the “Law of Attraction” to get what you want.
If a member received in donations $3 a day, that would be $90 a month. That might not sound like much to you, but to them it can be such a big difference that you can only imagine. It pays an electric bill, buys groceries, pays for heat in the winter, gas to get to work, child care so a person can work, so many ways your small donations add up to big help!

However this site isn’t a free site, the pricing that is stated on the site is as follows:

“One time set up: $34.95 + first month at $9.95 = $44.90
Total sign-up today is $44.90
Then $9.95 a month beginning after 30 days.”

So out curiosity I look at the story to see who would pay to have people send money, some the headlines I saw were

2) I WANT TO BE A MOTHER—I Will Show Proof Where Your Donation Is Going
3) I’ve been an idiot, please help me for my husband and son’s sake

Out those three stories I would say only number one would cause me to want to give. Because the person is going blind and has numerous medical treatments and is in debt due to medical reasons, and they only want money to help with the medical costs. The second story is someone who just got married and is debt due to her very large wedding, and her husband told her no family till the wedding expenses are paid off. The third, although it is a catchy headline, the woman, had a baby decided to be a stay at home mom, cutting the income, well now she regrets doing this, but she doesn’t want to go back to work, she wants your help so she can stay home, without resorting to a part time job.

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It makes you wonder, if everyone did this, we have no one working, and everyone expecting free money just because. I am in debt myself, but I work and reduce my spending to pay it off, recently I cleared an old debt and it felt good I did it on my own and didn’t resort to begging, and I don’t think I would, but if you feel you must do that, then create your site or go to