Need More Appetite Control? Seven Foods that Suppress the Appetite

While many dieters reach for potentially dangerous diet pills, fat burners, and powerful appetite suppressants in order to lose weight, few realize there are some natural ways to suppress the appetite.

Exercising regularly and drinking water do curb cravings, simply because a high metabolism keeps hunger at bay. Health experts recommend lots of fiber to improve satiety, and adding bulk to your diet is relatively easy with fresh fruits and vegetables.

Still, most dieters need to exercise a certain degree of self control to keep that appetite under control. Sound like you? Here are seven foods that naturally suppress the appetite and make dieting that much easier:

1. Fennel seeds to suppress the appetite. Fennel is a natural diuretic, and may also reduce hunger and cravings. Fennel seed tea is a simple way to consume it throughout the day, and can also provide a slight energy boost. Still, too much of it can be toxic. (Source: )

2. Tofu to for appetite control. A recent study led by Dr. Batterham at the University of College London reports that the hormone peptide YY (PPY) is responsible for making us feel full; this hormone is released when high protein foods are consumed, and may be one reason why Atkins does work for some people. Tofu is rich in protein, and also low in fat – the best choice for a high-protein diet that isn’t high in saturated fat.

3. Kombucha Mushrooms to suppress the appetite.
You may have come across Kombucha tea at the grocery store, a fermented drink that can help with detoxification. Kombucha tea is strong appetite suppressant, a bitter concoction that can also give you a boost of energy. Try it between meals for maximum appetite control.

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4. Pine Nuts for appetite control.
According to Kathrynne Holden, MS, writer for, pine nuts release the hormone cholecystokinin (CCK) into the body. CCK releases appetite-suppressing hormones just 30 minutes after consumption, and can simply make you feel fuller faster. Sprinkle pine nuts on pasta and other hearty dishes that you usually overeat on, and enjoy smaller portions!

5. Ginger root to suppress the appetite.
Chewing on a few pieces of fresh ginger can give your metabolism a boost, and suppress the appetite, according to Ginger tea, ginger in dessert, and chocolate covered ginger slices are a few more options for adding this to your diet.

6. Broccoli to suppress the appetite.
When mom told you to eat your broccoli, she may have been helping you keep that appetite in check. Eating high fiber, green vegetables (preferably raw) can curb cravings and also promote healthy digestion. This can suppress your appetite very easily, and make it much easier to stick with your diet.

7. Kimchi to suppress the appetite.
That pungent mix of cabbage, radish, chili pepper and onions are a simple way to dress up a salad or stir fry, and may also reduce your desire to eat more. Chili peppers contain capsaicin, a natural metabolic enhancer that may also reduce your appetite; combined with high fiber cabbage and vegetables, kimchi is a great choice for dieters.

From tofu to pine nuts, you have seven reasons to skip the diet pills and reach for some real food instead. Exercise more appetite control with any or all of these important foods in your weekly diet.