Need Some Party Decor Or Party Favors? Check Out the Oriental Trading Company

For party supplies and small gift ideas Oriental Trading is your number one source to find any and everything you could ever need. Oriental Trading is a company that supplies it’s customers with part supplies and small knick knack gifts at whole sale prices which means you get the savings passed along from the company. Oriental Trading has both an awesome website and magazine in which they showcase their fine products, everything from custom made pencils and pens to stamps and stickers, and even bulk party decorations.

Oriental Trading is a great place to shop if you’re planning a part or other large event, like a wedding or school function. They have everything form the practical to the impractical. You’ll find great deals on trinkets that you can scatter across table to entertain guests, or small toys for goody bags. If you’re planning a school function like a Fall Festival or local fair then Oriental Trading will be a great place to find inexpensive yet entertaining and fun toys to pass out to the children.

Check out for a full list of products and supplies the company has to offer, and everything is a very reasonable price. will have everything you’re looking for and probably more. Their website is full of useful information regarding the companies’ policies and information about their free shipping program.

Their magazine is shipped monthly and is also full of great ideas and neat stuff for you to browse through. I would especially check out anything Oriental Trading had to offer during holidays, because many times this is when they’ll offer some really great deals.

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Oriental Trading has so much holiday merchandise it’s hard to concentrate on just one thing. During the fourth of July everything is all about patriotic d├ęcor, flags and sparkles galore. Halloween is probably the companies’ biggest time of year where they offer more then just your average treats. Spider rings, glow in the dark ghosts and witches, gummy eye balls, you name it and Oriental Trading will have it, making for an interesting variety of tricks and treats for the children to choose form.

Christmas runs a close second to Halloween, and maybe surpasses it in sales. Oriental Trading has a wide variety of unique stocking stuffers that anyone would be pleased to find on Christmas Morning, and the company is not afraid to show the true meaning of Christmas with a ton of religious oriented gift ideas.

Oriental Trading is just an awesome place to shop for things your average supply store or shop might not have. Here is a one stop shop for almost anything that you could ever want to go along with any theme you can come up with. Their prices are low for bulk quantities and their products are quality, and the customer service that they provide is top notch. So next time you have a large function to organize, check out Oriental Trading, or for some really great ideas.