Offutt Air Force Base is Omaha Nebraska’s Open Military Secret

Offutt Air Force Base, which is just a few miles from Omaha Nebraska, has been the subject of protest since the 1970’s according to this speaker from the peace rally at Offutt Air Force Base in April of 2008. Offutt Air Force Base was in the middle of the arms race that was part of the Cold War at that time. Much has changed since then. Offutt Air Force Base is now involved in weapons of mass destruction that include space and thermonuclear war. According to the speaker from the peace rally, it is now even more dangerous. Offutt Air Force Base is the headquarters of Stratcom which is involved with global command and control and global strike. This includes space operations and missile defense.

There have been many arrests when protesters have stepped onto Offutt Air Force Base’s land. They have ended up in jail for up to 6 months. This has occurred time after time over the years. I live in Omaha Nebraska and when I look at Offutt Air Force Base, I know where the weapons of mass destruction are that can be used in the case of war. They are in Omaha Nebraska’s back yard. Just the words that mention what Offutt Air Force Base is about send shivers up my spine. Space and global strike operations and integrated missile defense. These are about weapons that could be sent to Iraq, Iran, or North Korea.

In the early days of protest these weapons of mass destruction could have been sent to the U.S.S.R. If there ever is another attack on United States soil, I believe that Omaha Nebraska will be one of the targets due to Offutt Air Force Base and Stratcom. This is why there have been protests and this is why there has been arresting of protestors to attempt to deter them. This has taken place in December during the Feast of the Holy Innocents. Members of the Catholic Church are heavily involved in these protests at Offutt Air Force Base.

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Even though I have grown up in Omaha Nebraska, I didn’t realize how much protesting has gone on at Offutt Air Force Base. It has appeared to be an open secret for many years. Perhaps the numbers have been smaller than other areas in the country but they have been continuous. There were about 100 protesters in April of 2008. I imagine that there will be protesting, here, in Omaha Nebraska as long as there is such grave concern about thermonuclear war. There is also worry about what can occur when outer space is used in war time. This can effect anywhere in the world. The Cold War is over but war appears to continue on.