The Epic Hero: A Summary of Beowulf

Epic heroes possess many traits that other characters lack. Among these are physical strength, bravery, and wisdom. These attributes aid the heroes with their journeys throughout the epic. Beowulf exemplifies each of these traits somewhere is the story. They aid him in his battles with monsters and allow him to be a leader to his … Read more

Experience New York City’s National Parks

Tourists know the must-sees when visiting New York -Times Square, the Empire State Building, the new 9/11 memorial, etc. Most visitors do not realize though that in addition to crowded bus tours and Broadway shows, the five boroughs contain ten national parks as well! Below are brief descriptions of each- pick a few to check … Read more

Free Online Coloring Books

Coloring books have been a fundamental part of child rearing for the past several hundred years. In fact, I bet that the concept behind coloring books was even practiced back in ancient times by young cavepeople. I can imagine young men and women using various dyes (blood, smeared fruits, etc) to paint colorful pictures on … Read more

Meet Miss America 2007

“I’ve been watching Miss America on television since I was a little girl, never in my wildest dreams would I have believed I would be Miss America.” These were the words of Lauren Nelson not long after she was crowned Miss America 2007 in Las Vegas on January 29, 2007, winning a $50,000 scholarship. She … Read more

Seattle Tacoma KOA Campgrounds

Money is tight this year and will be for a while so it’s a great time to get creative when it comes to vacations going forward. One fantastic idea is camping. Everyone loves camping even Oprah and her best friend Gail! While the national parks are wonderful to camp at other choices may be campgrounds. … Read more

How to Plan a Camping Trip

Camping is a wonderful, relaxing activity that you can share with your whole family any time of year. Not only does it give you time away from the everyday hassles of life, but it also is a relatively low cost form of entertainment. To make your camping trip a great experience it is important to … Read more

Best Camping Birthday Invitations

Does the birthday person in your family love to go camping? If so, you should consider throwing them a camping themed birthday party or have their party take place on a camping trip. If you want everyone to get excited before the birthday party, get camping birthday invitations. It can be difficult to find the … Read more

Cool New Camping Gear for Kids

Camping is its own reward. There’s nothing like spending time with your family outdoors. As more and more families turn to the natural environment to satisfy their vacation and relaxation needs innovative new camping gear for kids continues to be developed. Check out camping gear available for your kids and figure out which pieces of … Read more