Patrick Dempsey’s 12 Best Movies

Patrick Dempsey is a fantastic T.V start, but he also has his hand in some very good movies. From his time in the 80’s from being a teenage heart throb until now, he’s gotten many people’s attention. Here is a list of Patrick Dempsey’s best movies of all time.

1. “Enchanted” – Giselle is soon to become a princess until on her wedding day the evil stepmother of the prince pushes Giselle down a well and into our modern day world. Will she ever make it back and marry the prince or will she be trapped forever?

2. “Can’t Buy Me Love” – A science geek makes a deal with his neighbor and pays her to be his girlfriend for a limited amount of time. This makes him more popular as he starts hanging out with the popular kids in school and he becomes a part of the life that he has always dreamed of , or is it?

3. “Made of Honor” – A guy tries to win the girl over who just made him her maid of honor.

4. “Sweet Home Alabama” – A girl gets engaged, but the problem is that she is still married to her last husband who’s in Alabama.

5. “With Honors” – A Harvard students has his thesis paper held hostage by a homeless man who knows more than he’s letting on.

6. “Valentine’s Day” – A story of an interrelated group of couples and singles in L.A. during Valentine’s Day.

7. “Freedom Writers” – A young teacher teaches a group of misfits students to apply themselves and pursue higher education.

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8. “Outbreak” – There is an outbreak of a deadly virus and extreme measures must be taken.

9. “Loverboy” – A pizza boy makes a little extra money when some of his female clients end up paying him for more than his pizza.

10. “Mobsters” – A story of a group of friends in New York who group up and turn to organize crime.

11. “Scream 3” – Sidney visits the production of the movie “Stab 3” after pictures of her mother become clues to murders around Hollywood.

12. “Transformers: Dark of the Moon” – (currently in production)