Places to Take Cooking Classes in Seattle, WA

Maybe you are just trying to grow up and fend for yourself. Or you want to impress a significant other or host an amazing dinner party. Or maybe you just appreciate cooking as the art form it is, and want to increase your food knowledge. By learning different cuisines, you have access to different cultures. You can never know everything about food preparation. Try taking a course through one of these organizations to learn some new chef skills, and some new recipes:

Bon Vivant School of Cooking; 4925 NE 86th St, Seattle, WA, 98115, Call (206)525-7537
This school offers one of the broadest selections of classes, particularly in ethnic cuisine. You an take basic food preparation classes, appetizer classes, and recreational cooking, which includes a fun and tasty pizza making course. You can also learn safety precautions and the most effective sanitation methods. Ethnic cuisine courses include Cajun, Mexican, Italian, French, Vietnamese, Spanish, Thai, Chinese, and Japanese (which includes sushi rolling.) Make sure to take the course on chocolate…

Dish it Up! 2424 33rd Avenue West; suite B; Seattle, WA, 98199 (206)281-7800-
Through this program, you can learn a wide variety of baking techniques, and different cuisines. Take lessons in basic food preparation, baking techniques, including pastry and bread making, and cooking terminology. You can also take the Pacific Northwest Seafood course, as well as region Spanish, Italian, French, and Thai cooking classes. And take the wine course so that you can finally learn why certain wines should go with certain foods- your palate will thank you.

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Bertrand de Boutray Cooking Classes; 4603 University Place NE #375, Seattle, WA 98105 Call (206)729-1554
This small space hires knowledgeable professionals to teach classes centered around Italian cooking. Classes typically emphasize different baking techniques, including bread making and desserts, and well as basic cooking principles. Cuisine is typically very gourmet in nature, and recipes are usually unique, complicated, and delicious- this isn’t for the Mac and cheese enthusiast. The wine classes are very popular, as well as incredibly informative and up to date. Make sure to call about upcoming classes and reserve your spot, as space is limited. And demand is especially high through the holidays.

Blue Ribbon Cooking School; Madison Park, Seattle, WA Call (206)328-2442
Through this school, learn about throwing the perfect party with the help of tasty and pretty appetizers, as well as different cooking techniques for different meats based on the cut- you’ll know the difference between “braised,” “roasted,” “broiled,” and “au poivre” by the end. You can also learn all about poultry and vegetarian cooking. You’ll learn about piecing together the perfect meal by constructing a mutli course meal. They also have a fantastic class on dessert making.

Uwajimaya Cooking Classes through NuCulinary
The popular downtown Asian market now offers cooking classes. Courses are taught by professionals that typically emphasize Asian themes, from Pan Asian, to strictly Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Korean, and Vietnamese. You will learn about different spices, seafood, different Asian food cultures, and both meat and vegetarian cooking. Courses on Asian wine and sake are also interesting. The 2 hour classes are a fun and interesting way to expand your food horizons.