Safety “Tats” Help Locate Lost Children

Losing sight of your child is one of the most frightening things that a parent can experience. Suddenly realizing that your child is not where you thought they were, especially when in a public place, can be terrifying. Most parents experience this scary mishap at least once while their children are little. It isn’t just neglectful parents who lose sight of their children. Even very conscientious parents who are constantly careful to keep a watchful eye on their children can be taken completely by surprise when their child manages to wander out of sight.

The fact is, tiny kids have a tendency to wander, and sometimes their tiny little feet move faster than we thought they could. And while most of us locate our children within seconds, finding that they managed to crawl underneath a clothing rack or are slyly standing right behind us, sometimes children really do get lost. At the county fair, the mall, or even at Disneyland, kids manage to slip away from parents and get far enough away that a frantic search ensues. We’ve all heard the announcements over store intercoms stating that a lost child has been found. Often times, these children are too young to know their parents’ cell phone numbers, or even their own names. This makes it difficult for the adult trying to help reunite the parents and child.

Now there is a new product on the market that could help families all over the country. The product is called Safety Tat, as in, Safety Tattoo. Safety Tats are temporary tattoos which parents can order that are personalized with the parent’s cell phone number. In this way, any child being found by mall security or a store clerk can be reunited easily with their parents. It’s a very simple solution to a widespread problem.

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Safety Tats are easily applied, much in the same way that all temporary tattoos are applied. Peel the Safety Tat from the film, hold against the child’s skin so that the warmth from your hands begins to transfer the tattoo, then apply a warm wet sponge, washcloth, or paper towel to complete the transfer. Safety Tats are available at the Safety Tat website, and are priced at $19.95 for 30 tattoos.

The Safety Tat website suggests testing the tattoos for short periods of time on a trial basis to check for skin sensitivity. Safety Tats do not contain latex. According to the Safety Tat website, there are also personalized tattoos available to show allergies the child may have.

Safety Tats are a clever, useful product that may help a lot of families. For more information, or to order Safety Tats, check out the Safety Tat website online.