Sandra Bullock’s 25 Best Movies

Do you love Sandra Bullock? Her movies are enjoyable by everyone as she’s sexy and funny. Here is a list of Sandra Bullock’s best movies.

1. “The Blind Side” – A wealthy family finds a homeless high school student and together they change each other’s lives.

2. “Miss Congeniality” – A cop goes undercover in a beauty pageant.

3. “Speed” – A killer has put a bomb on a speeding bus and a cop must keep the bus going so that it doesn’t blow.

4. “While you were Sleeping” -A ticket taker saves the life of a man who fell on the tracks. When at the hospital his family thinks she is his girlfriend and she becomes part of the family while he was sleeping.

5. “The Proposal” -A boss forces her assistant to marry her so that she does not get deported.

6. “A Time to Kill” – A young lawyer defends a black man who killed 2 white men for raping his daughter.

7. “Demolition Man” – A cop is unfrozen in the future to take care of the criminals of their city.

8. “Hope Floats” -A woman comes back to her home town with her daughter after a bitter divorce.

9. “Crash” – A movie based on several stories intermixed within a 2 day time period in L.A.

10. “Miss Congeniality 2: Armed and Fabulous” – Gracie is back with the help of Sam Fuller to help rescue her friend Cheryl who is the reigning Miss United States.

11. “Love Potion No. 9” – 2 outcasts get a potion from a gypsy that will cause anyone from the opposite sex to insanely fall in love with that person.

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12. “Premonition” -A woman wakes up and finds that her husband has died from a car crash, then later wakes up and he’s alive. She bounces back and forth form days of the past and future until she comes to that day where he died and she tried to stop it.

13. “28 Days” – A woman is forced into rehab after destroying her sister’s wedding.

14. “Practical Magic” – 2 sisters were brought up around magic, but it also is some sort of curse as the men in their life always seem to die.

15. “Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood” – Siddalee is a playwright and has tension with her mom. So her mother’s friends, who are members of the Yaya Sisterhood, kidnap Siddalee to help make sense of her mom to patch things up.

16. “Speed 2: Cruise Control” -Annie is back with her new boyfriend and they get stuck on a Cruise that’s on a collision course for an island.

17. “The Lake House” -A doctor who sold her lakeside house to an architect remain in constant contact through letters in the lake house’s letter box which serves as a time communication channel.

18. “What About Steve” – A woman who does crossword puzzles has a date with a CNN cameraman and chases him across the country thinking he’s her one true love.

19. “Murder by Numbers” -2 high school students come up with the perfect murder then challenge the detective in charge of the case.

20. “Two Weeks notice” – A brilliant lawyer walks out on her boss because he treats her more like a nanny.

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21. “In Love and War” – A reporter in WWI falls in love with his nurse.

22. “Forces of Nature” – An engaged man meets a stranger after his plane accidently crashes.

23. “Kiss and Tango” – (currently in production)

24. “Most Wanted” – (currently in production)

25. “Gravity” – (currently in production)