“Sid the Science Kid” Themed Party Favors for Children

Are your children enamored with the television show, “Sid the Science Kid?” Do they try to conduct their own science experiments at home? If so, you may want to give some thought to hosting a “Sid the Science Kid” themed party this year. In my experience, there are numerous items that could be employed as party favors with such a theme. Here’s a passing look at a few of them:

“Sid the Science Kid” Temporary Tattoos

In my opinion, “Sid the Science Kid” Temporary Tattoos make ideal, inexpensive party favors for kids. Most of the ones that I am familiar with are full-color tattoos and feature Sid’s face. You can typically purchase an 8-piece temporary tattoo pack from the PBS website for $3. Because the temporary tattoos tend to be small, I would recommend that you give each child two tattoos.

Magnifying Glasses

Your party guests will also undoubtedly appreciate receiving their own magnifying glasses. Most party supply and carnival related retailers sell cases of magnifying glasses for a modest fee. The colors and styles of the magnifying glasses will vary. Some have long handles and are made from clear plastic. Others have short handles and are made with colored plastic. One retailer that sells cases of assorted magnifying glasses is Oriental Trading. On average, a case of 144 children’s size magnifying glasses will cost you $11.

Bug Tongs

I have found that Bug Tongs also make wonderful “Sid the Science Kid” themed gifts. After all, one of the shows did focus on bugs. The tongs that I am familiar with are plastic and resemble a pair of scissors. The only difference is that the business end of the scissors is outfitted with a clear plastic ball. That way, the kids can safely capture bugs with the aid of the ball. The ball has also been equipped with air holes. As such, you don’t have to worry about the bugs dying as the kids examine them.

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Tornado Tubes

In one of the shows, Sid also talked about the weather. Hence, you may want to consider giving your guests a weather related gift. Personally, I’d recommend that you consider purchasing a case of Tornado Tubes. They are designed to teach children about how a tornado is formed. Each kit tends to sell for $3 through specialty retailers. One store that sells the Tornado Tubes is Hobby Lobby.

“Sid the Science Kid” Edibles

Would you rather give your guests an edible themed treat? Well then, why not consider utilizing candy that can be made as part of a party activity. Examples include pulled taffy, rock candy, fudge and peanut brittle. If you have never made those treats before, there are ample recipes available online. If you don’t want to use candy making as a party activity, there are other options. For starters, you could buy items like gummy bugs and gummy worms instead. Each one is often available for purchase by the case through candy wholesalers for modest fees.

Source: Personal Experience

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