S’more Great Camping Dessert Recipes

Graham. Marshmallow. Chocolate. Graham. Squish.

It’s hard to beat a classic, but campfire desserts don’t always have to involve marshmallows on a stick. Here are some variations on our favorite and some tasty new treats too.

S’mores variations: Use peanut butter cups instead of chocolate; use cinnamon or chocolate graham crackers; add thin slices of banana; drizzle caramel and sprinkle nuts onto the graham.

Campfire donuts: To make four to six doughnuts, you will need one stick of butter, one cup of cinnamon sugar, and one can of refrigerated dough. We use Pillsbury biscuit dough, but cinnamon roll dough might also work well.

It helps if you have a two pronged roasting stick when making this dessert. Using a fire-safe skillet or disposable foil loaf pan, put a stick of butter into the pan and place over the fire until melted. Put some cinnamon sugar into another container and set aside. Open the refrigerated dough, take out a portion and wrap it around your roasting stick. Getting the dough to “stick” is the toughest part – once it begins to cook, the dough will grab. If you are having a lot of trouble, try to make donut holes instead by roasting dough the size of a marshmallow. Roast the dough much as you would a marshmallow, trying to get a golden glow. The dough will puff slightly as you cook it. When the doughnut is done, dip it into pan with the butter, coating thoroughly. Dip the coated dough into the cinnamon sugar, and enjoy!

Banana Splits: You will need aluminum foil, one banana for each person, and toppings according to taste. Leaving the skin on, cut a banana from top to bottom taking care to only slit the top portion (you want to leave the banana encased in the peel). Pry the banana open slightly, and add toppings. Options include chocolate chips, crushed nuts, peanut butter, caramel squares, miniature marshmallows, strawberry bits, or any other delicious combination. My favorite is chocolate chips and miniature marshmallows. Once filled, close the banana back up as best you can and wrap in foil. Put the banana on the edge of the campfire near the coals or on the fire grate if you have one. If you end up placing it directly on the coals, be sure to keep an eye on the foil so it doesn’t char completely). After about five minutes, carefully remove the banana, unwrap the foil and spoon out a delicious dessert right from the peel.

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Fruit Boats: You will need aluminum foil, an assortment of chopped fruit, sugar, and spices to taste. Cut a square of aluminum foil to create a packet for your dessert. Add your choice of fruit. Apples, peaches, berries, and bananas are great. Add a few teaspoons of sugar, or even cinnamon sugar. Wrap the foil to create a packet, folding the edges together around all the edges. Place the packet near the coals or on the fire grate. After about five minutes, check the packet for doneness by gently unwrapping the foil. If they are not quite done, you can leave the top portion open, and place the packet back on the fire to complete cooking.

Happy Camping!