“Sons of Anarchy” Season 4 Episode 2

Clay and Gemma talk about reading about a body dump in the paper. Gemma goes on to tell Clay about the note that she found at Tara and Jaxs house. Gemma said that there no telling what John Teller (Jaxs dad) confided in Maureen.

Jax and Tara are having breakfast when the news report of the bodies is broadcast on the TV news. Tara asks if Jax was involved. Jax tells her it was for retaliation for what happened to him in prison.

Lily and Opie talk about the dead Russians that were found. Lily said that there were Russians at their wedding. Opie downplays it.

Gemma and Jax have a heart-to-heart. Gemma tells Jax that she loves him more than anything is this world. He tells her he knows and he loves her too.

Potter and the new sheriff talk about the dead Russians and the undercover agent that was killed in the slayings. The mayor of Charming shows up at the crime scene. He tells the sheriff that he knows that SAMCRO did the killings. The mayor said that the crew could be sending a message.

Clay and Jax show up for a meeting to sell the guns. The guns are in a junked car that Clay and Jax drove in with to the meeting. A shipment is set up for every three weeks.

Jax is upset that the club is trafficking the guns that involves the Cartel. He told Clay that the selling of guns isn’t about the club, it’s about him. Clay said that he doesn’t have long in the club. Clay asks Jax to back him. Jax said that if he does, after all is done, he’s out of SAMCRO and tells Clay he will have to let him walk away.

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The rest of the guys aren’t happy to do business with the Cartel. Jax puts the money on the table. It’s a lot. Clay tells everyone to think about it. He tells the guys, he wants this to happen. Some of the guys think that it is a big mistake and it can kill SANCRO.

Gemma is back at Jax and Taras house searching for the letters that Maureen hid in Jaxs backpack, that Tara found. The baby starts pulling paper out of Taras bag. Gemma has a thought as to where the letters may be.

Jax tells Opie that running with the Cartel is serious shit, but he wants something better for his boys than what he had. Opie said that if something happened and he went away, Lily would never be able to take care of his two kids and her one kid. Jax tells him that they aren’t going away because the Cartel is protected. They have politicians other higher ups in their pockets.

Clay meets with Oswald. Clay tells Oswald that he will let him and Hale do up their luxury sites if he gives Clay this little run down shack out in the middle of nowhere. It’s a deal whether he likes it or not. Clay will move things into the shack.

Jax and Opie are ambushed at home that they were going too. Jax takes the wheel and Opie jumps in the back of the truck. As Opie tells Jaxs that they are clear, a truck comes out of nowhere and slams into Jaxs truck, sending Opie flying out of the back to the ground and the truck and Jax roll over.

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Jax and Opie are ok, but the Russians have them now. They want their guns back now.

Gemma takes the kids to the hospital to sneak into Taras office to search her briefcase. The letters aren’t there, but Gemma continues to search and finds the letters. Gemma skims through the letters and finds a police report that Tara requested from the police department pertaining to Johns death and says, “Oh my god.” Gemma sits down and starts reading the letters. She puts them away as she hears Tara coming.

The guys are talking about Clay shutting them out, except for Jax. As Clay walks up, Jax calls the bar phone looking for Clay. Clay says, “Not now,” and walks to the garage.

Clay meets with Unser in the garage about getting an 18-wheeler. Clay wants to know if Tara asked Unser about John Teller and himself. Unser says that Tara never asked him anything. Clay is interrupted as one of the guys comes out and tells him that they have a problem. Clay gets on the phone with Jax and is told he has one hour to get the Russians their guns back or else.

Gemma gets back to the garage and tells Unser that she thinks Tara knows about John. She explains to Unser that Teller had a lover who gave the love letters to Jax, but Tara found them instead. One letter John wrote said that John Teller fear for his life and Gemma and Clay were the ones he feared.

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The new sheriff shows up and says that he smells smoke and the fire trucks arrive. There is no fire, but he feels a wall inside of the building and says that it feels warm. Grabbing an axe, he starts smashing the place. All the boys can do is stand by and watch. The place is totaled. Meanwhile, the Russians are still holding Jax and Opie, and time is running out.

The Mexican Cartel shows up at the place where Opie and Jax are being held. Clay and boys arrive after the Cartel takes out the Russians and frees Jax and Opie. Clay asks the Cartel how they knew and the reply was that they have connections.

In the totaled clubhouse, the crew is somber. Tara wants the club to have something to cheer about, so she puts on her engagement ring and announces her and Jaxs engagement. The party begins.