Spy Cameras: Moving Past Misconceptions to Empower Families and Caregivers

Spy camera misuse has tarnished what is meant to be a useful tool to benefit people who have honest and honorable needs. This abuse has created misconceptions about the spy camera industry as a whole, and for many attached a certain stigma that can discourage those who would benefit the most. However, there are a growing number of families and caregivers that are making educated choices to move past these misconceptions. These consumers are shaking free of the stigma, and making use of spy cameras for respectable motives to safeguard themselves and others.

YouTube, the web, and the news are filled with videos that show some form of abuse such as this recent news story on News 9: Oklahoma’s Own, Caught On Tape: Elderly Woman Tortured In OKC Nursing Home.” These types of videos are taken from spy cameras, nanny cams, and other recording devices that caregivers and families have installed to look after their loved ones.

A quick search will reveal videos that have caught alleged abuse to women, our children, the elderly, and the disabled. Most users purchase a spy camera to gain peace of mind. They hope never to find this type of abuse, but to gain comfort in knowing that their children are being looked after, their workplace and homes are safe, and to give a voice to those who can not speak for themselves.

Sadly, videos shot for indecent purposes can sometimes overshadow the genuine need behind spy camera or nanny cam use.

ABC news reported on two doctors in August of 2012, who used hidden cameras to make video of unsuspecting women. One respected doctor from Mount Sinai Hospital, Dr. Adam Levinson, was caught allegedly using a spy pen to look up the skirts of women on the subway. The other doctor, Dr. Lance Everett Wyatt, of Los Angeles, allegedly had a hidden camera in his exam room.

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Reports such as these fuel spy camera mistrust, as do websites whose intent is anything but respectable. The stigma left behind by these types of reports and dishonest users can be hard for consumers to shake.

Companies like My-Spycam are hoping to change the negative mindset that is triggered from news reports and indecent websites. They want to let people know these cameras can benefit everyday people, from all walks of life, and are used for many ethically reasons.

April Reece, of My-Spycam, recently shared with me her frustrations, as well as steps that her workplace currently have in use to change attitudes concerning spy cameras and nanny cams.

It is our desire to help people, it truly is. We’ve been trying to teach people that spy cameras are needed for good purposes. However, the first thing that comes to most peoples mind is bad. We want to change that and let people know that spy cameras provide an opportunity for women and families to watch over their homes and protect those they love. We even have people that buy them for hospice and nursing homes. For these people a spy camera means peace of mind. We don’t want anyone with a true need to be afraid to use them.

In an effort to keep spy cameras out of the wrong hands, April Reece also shared with me that the staff at My-Spycam are screening potential buyers. If a customer does share an unmoral motive they are being turned away.

Ms. Yvonne, of Knoxville, Tennessee, agreed to speak with me on why she and her family purchased and started using a spy camera around their home. Because of a recent break-in on her street and a changing neighborhood, she and her family installed a spy camera to watch their property and home while they were away. She acknowledged that so far there were no surprises and that they were thankful for that. Before installing a spy camera she confessed they were afraid to leave the house for fear of what might happen in their absence. Ms. Yvonne stated, “Just knowing that if something did happen it would be recorded eases our mind at night or when we do leave“, and she confided in me that means the world.

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There are a wide range of different types of spy cameras that are designed to blend into any environment. This makes choosing a camera easier for people like Ms. Yvonne who wanted it to be there without anyone knowing. A reputable company can help buyers decide which camera is right for them based on their individual needs, budget, power source, and location. Buyers need to remember to ask questions to ensure that their spy camera or nanny cam purchase is the best choice for their situation. It is also best to remember, while something unexpected caught on tape can be hard to watch, spy cameras and nanny cams can provide proof and answers. However most of all, spy cameras and nanny cams provide peace of mind.

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