Sweet 16 Cake Ideas: Edible Decorations and More

The centerpiece of any birthday party is the cake, and a sweet 16 party is no exception. In fact, turning sweet 16 is one of the most important and celebrated birthdays that we get, so it is important to make sure that your cake lives up to the occasion. Ideally a sweet 16 cake should match the theme of the party. Here are some ideas for different sweet 16 cakes that you can consider to see if they might work for your special day.

The easiest way to decorate a sweet 16 cake is using a cake topper. Cake toppers can range from simple to elaborate and come in a variety of different styles and colors. Choose a topper that matches the theme of the party and then just put it on top of the cake for easy, quick decorating.

If your sweet 16 party theme is elegant a great cake idea is to decorate using edible flowers. You can buy edible flowers online and they come in all different colors and sizes. Just frost the cake with a solid color of frosting – white, pastel colors or even chocolate look beautiful. Then, artfully arrange the edible flowers on the cake to create a lovely, elegant display.

Another elegant cake idea for a sweet 16 party is to dip strawberries in white or dark chocolate and arrange them on top of a cake. This is both beautiful and delicious and adds a touch of class to the party while still being fun. If strawberries aren’t quite right any type of chocolate covered fruit can be substituted and still look lovely.

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For more casual parties consider finding a baker in your area who can create a cake in the shape of something that goes along with the theme of the party. For instance, you may want to have a cake cut and decorate in the shape of the number “16. Or, for a fashion-themed party something like a cake shaped like a shoe or handbag would be fun. Use your imagination since most bakers can do whatever it is your heart desires.

Something else you may want to consider that is both fun and pretty is to have a “cupcake tower” instead of a traditional cake. This is one of the latest trends for weddings and would work equally as well for a sweet 16 party. Basically, the cupcakes are arranged in the shape of a cake with each of the “layers” actually being a platform filled with cupcakes. Not only does this make a beautiful presentation, but it makes it easy for guests to grab a piece of cake without the need for cutting. The cupcakes can be frosted in solid colors or decorated however you wish to match the theme of the party.

Having the perfect cake for a sweet 16 party will make the occasion all the more special. Take the time to brainstorm some cake ideas that will work well for your party and if necessary don’t be afraid to call in the help of a professional to help you make the cake a reality. After all, we all only turn 16 once!