Sylvester Stallone’s 21 Top Movies

Sylvester Stallone has been making movies for a long time, and he has had many good ones. Here is a list of some Sylvester Stallone’s top movies.

1. “Rocky” series -A boxer gets the opportunity of a lifetime and gets to fight for the heavyweight title.

2. “Rambo” series – An ex Special Forces soldier in Vietnam visits a friend in Washington and goes to jail. After he escapes, Rambo goes on a rampage.

3. “Demolition Man” – A former police officer who was frozen for his supposed crimes gets unfrozen in the future to help the police.

4. “The Expendables” – A group of hired mercenaries are hired for a nearly impossible task.

5. “Over the top” – A movie based upon a truck driver, his son, and an arm wrestling tournament.

6. “Cliffhanger” – Gabe is sent to a mountain top to rescue a group of stranded people. The catch is that these people are actually criminals looking for money somewhere lost on the mountain.

7. “Judge Dredd” -In the future, justice is handled instantaneously by a group that is a police force and judges wrapped into one.

8. “Stop! or my mom with shoot” – A detective’s mom comes to visit and interrupts his life.

9. “Daylight” – A tunnel in New York is blocked and someone needs to get the survivors out before something happens.

10. “Antz” – An ant tries to break free of normal ant life and try to win the princess in the process.

11. “Spy Kids 3D: Game Over” – A new villain named the Toymaker has created a virtual world in which the kids have to battle through.

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12. “The Specialist” – A woman tries to convince a bomb expert to attack the mafia who killed her family.

13. “Driven” – A talented race car driver begins to go down in the ratings due to the pressure put on him.

14. “Get Carter” – A Las Vegas law enforcer returns home for his brother’s funeral and suspects murder.

15. “Assassins” – An older assassin trying to get out of the business is targeted by a younger assassin.

16. “Cop Land” – A sheriff of New Jersey town of Garrison find that it’s a front for corruption.

17. “Tango and Cash” -2 cops are framed and have to find a way to clear their names.

18. “Oscar” – Angelo makes his dying father a promise that he will leave the world of crime and work the honest way.

19. “Cobra” – Cobra is on the trail of a serial killer.

20. “Zookeeper” – (currently in production)

21. “Expendables 2” – (currently in production)