The Risks of Turning Saltwater into Drinking Water

A growing demand to turn seawater into drinking water around the world could have serious and unintended consequences for the environment if not pursued responsibly, according to a new report from WWF. In “Making Water: Desalination — Option or Distraction for a Thirsty World?” WWF warns that the increasing number of desalination projects around the … Read more

Cycling Tips: The Right Foods to Eat Before, During, and After a Ride

Did you know the way that you eat can influence your cycling performance? Certain foods can make you feel your best, while other foods may slow you down. Eating the right foods not only can help your performance but also give you more energy and help fight any muscle fatigue you may be feeling. If … Read more

55 Ridiculous Ways to Cure the Hiccups

I don’t seem to get the hiccups very often but, when I do, everyone seems to have a cure of their own to offer. Sometimes these cures work; sometimes they only offer a temporary distraction. But most often they offer a bit of entertainment because some of these cures are absolutely ridiculous! Whether or not … Read more

‘Everyone’ is Not a Target Market

One thing I have heard from many people starting a small business is that they believe everyone is in their target market. One thing to think about is that just because we have to drink water to survive does not mean we want to drink your water. Identifying the correct target market is one step … Read more