Dissociative Disorders in Fight Club

“People are always asking me if I know Tyler Durden.” The protagonist of David Fincher’s Fight Club, a film based on Chuck Palaniuk’s cult-hit novel of the same name, makes this statement a number of times throughout the course of the film. His life, in his estimation is routine, boring even, as he shuffles to … Read more

Choosing a Chuck Palahniuk Book: A Guide to the Books by the Author of Fight Club

Should you read Chuck Palaniuk books? Maybe. Read the statements below to determine whether or not his books are for you. You should read Chuck Palahniuk if: You loved the movie Fight Club You like darkly comedic writing You like being disturbed (or are not easily disturbed) You enjoy suspense, surprises, and plot twists You … Read more

Brad Pitt Workout – Fight Club Body, Anyone?

I know there will be some bloated bodybuilder meatheads who will say Brad Pitt was too thin for his role as bad-to-the-bone Tyler Durden…but I think the lean and ripped body is much more appealing to women (sorry dudes). To build your very own “Fight Club body,” the next logical question to ask would be: … Read more

Doppelgangers in Poe’s William Wilson and the Movie, Fight Club

Film is the medium which brings life to screenwriting. A form of literature, screenwriting is frequently based on prose. Literary works are often the muse which inspires modern cinematography. An example of this inspiration can be found in the parallels between Edgar Allan Poe’s “William Wilson” and “Fight Club.” The movie, “Fight Club” contains doppelganger … Read more

Selected Scenes from Fight Club

Fight Club, starring Brad Pitt and Edward Norton, was directed by David Fincher and made in 1999. The two scenes analyzed in this paper will show that the male body is used as a commodity and therefore falls into a Marxist theory. At the same time, the male body becomes the object of the masculine … Read more

Fight Club Psychology

Fight Club is an excellent example of Freud’s Structural model of the psyche. The main character and his split personality, Tyler Durden, are polar opposites very similar to the angel and devil idea represented in our textbook. The main character is an insomniac and instead of prescribing him sleep aides, his doctor sends him to … Read more

Fight Club and the Existential Hero

Fight Club is a movie that is swiftly moving from status of cult hit to generational touchstone. It’s themes and concerns have been held up as cinematic examples of nearly every philosophy known to man. The film’s obsessive preoccupation with the ambiguity of reality and truth, along with its twist ending, caused it to immediately … Read more