Top 10 Celebrities with Short Hair

Celebrities are always changing their hair style. The length and color and style of many celebrities’ haircuts can’t be relied on from film to film or one public appearance to the next. However there are some celebrities who have had short hair. This top 10 list of celebrities with short hair is by no means … Read more

How to Choose Earrings for Short Hair

There’s nothing that gives your face a quicker lift than a great pair of earrings. Wearing a fashionable pair of earrings takes on even greater importance if you happen to have short hair. Unlike gals with long hair, you can really show off your ears with style and panache. There’s no hiding those earlobes behind … Read more

Quick and Easy Styles for Short Hair

If long tresses were popular last summer, this year’s heat saw many girls chopping off their hair and opting for shorter “dos.” The modern bob worked its way into many circles of girlfriends, resulting in a short-haired summer wave spreading across the nation. Lighter on the head, easier to wash, and easier to handle when … Read more