Including the I-4 70-Car Pileup, What Are the Worst Traffic Accidents in United States History?

After the massive 70 car pile-up in Orlando Florida on January 9, many people have begun to wonder if this was the worst traffic accident or pile-up in American history. While tragic and terrible, it is far from the worst. According to the Associated Press, in the Orlando wreck approximately 70 vehicles were involved, and … Read more

The Classic American Issue of State Rights Versus Federal Authority

Since the birth of this nation, the issue of federal authority verses states’ rights has been a heavily contested issue. The debate over the relationship between the federal and states governments and over the principles of interposition and nullification began well before the Civil War. Support for federal power existed from the beginning of United … Read more

Choosing the Right High School Courses

If you want college to be a part of your future, now is the time to start choosing the right high school courses not only to impress admissions officers with your course-load, but also to challenge yourself intellectually and prepare yourself for the next level of education. Here are some tips for selecting the classes … Read more