Thank You Gifts for Flower Girls

Being a Flower Girl is usually a memory that the Flower Girl holds on to forever. A flower girl is usually a young female, walking down the aisle in a relative or friend’s wedding. To make her memory even more special, you should get her a Thank you gift. It’s not required but it is a very nice gesture to let her know how much you appreciated her being in your wedding on your special day. This article will list a few suggestions on perfect gifts to give as a Thank you to the flower girl in your wedding.

Thank You Gifts for Flower Girls #1: Flower Girl Chick Kit

Cookie has an adorable Flower Girl Chick Kit that is a tote full of goodies for the Flower Girl. The tote says Flower Girl right on the front and includes a flower girl cake (container with the makings of a cake), flower cookie, flower girl book, practice petals, wedding bubbles and a frame. This cute kit sells for $39.95.

Thank You Gifts for Flower Girls #2: Handcrafted Flower Girl Soap

If you just want to get a simple and small thank you gift for your flower girl, try buying them handcrafted Flower Girl soap from Kj’s Crafts. The soap is made in the shape of a flower girl with a rose scent and is colored red. They are 1.5 inches in height and cost one dollar each. You could buy a few and place them in a little gift tin and give them as a gift.

Thank You Gifts for Flower Girls #3: Flower Girl Gift set

The Oriental Trading Co has an affordable Flower Girl Gift set for $9.99. The set comes with a necklace and bracelet set, sequin tiara, plush fairy bear, 2 rings, flashing star wand, marabou bracelet, small activity set and a marabou pen.

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Thank You Gifts for Flower Girls #4: Flower Girl Poem Wooden Picture Frame

An extra special thank you gift for flower girls to give after the wedding has passed is a Flower Girl Poem Wooden Frame Picture. You can get the frame personalized with the Flower Girls name and put a picture of her in her dress from your wedding. It has a sweet poem on the side of the frame and you can have the bride and groom’s name, along with the wedding date at the very bottom of the frame. This sells for $24.95 from ETC

Thank You Gifts for Flower Girls #5: Flower Girl T-Shirt

Personalization Mall has a Flower Girl T-shirt that can be personalized with the girl’s name, the name of the wedding couple and the date of the welcome. This is a nice thank you gift and a reminder for her that she was a part of your wedding day. This sells for $14.95.

Thank You gifts for Flower Girls #6: Bracelet

Kennebug Boutique has a beautiful flower girl bracelet for $21.75 that would really stand out as a thank you gift. The bracelet is made out of Swarovski crystals with sterling silver daisy pieces. You can choose the color of the crystals to match your wedding colors or the favorite colors of your Flower Girl.

Thank You Gifts for Flower Girls #7: Flower Girl Backpack

Wedding has a backpack in light pink that simply has Flower Girl on the bottom pocket. It’s a simple gift that is sure to bring a smile to your Flower Girl’s face. They can cart all their wedding goodies in it and/or use it after the wedding for their own personal items. This costs $20 dollars.