The 10 Best Characters on ABC’s Lost

After a rough Season 3 the Lost writers have brought back the goods in Season 4. Lost has once again become one of the best shows on television. But which Lost characters are the best of the bunch? Since we’re on a little hiatus until the next new episode of Lost I thought I’d count down my list of the best characters on Lost.

10th Best Lost Character: Mikhail Bakunin
You might better know Mikhail as “Patchy.” How can you not like Mikhail? He has a patch over one eye and he’s died like fifteen times already. He’s basically like the Lost pirate.

9th Best Lost Character: Daniel Faraday
Season 4 we’ve been introduced to a new group of cast members, the Freighties. I like the whole group of them but right now I’m going with Faraday as my favorite. He’s very twitchy and nervous all the time but he’s also genius. He also seems to have the most interesting background of the group, whatever it may be.

8th Best Lost Character: Jin-Soo Kwon
In one episode Sawyer refers to Jin as Chewie from Star Wars. It’s a pretty appropriate name because Jin is almost always the sidekick to somebody else, he’s a pretty reliable guy and he speaks a different language.

7th Best Lost Character: Sayid Jarrah
Normally I’d like someone like Sayid simply because he tortures people and snaps people’s necks with his legs. But on the other hand, he actually liked Shannon. Ick.

6th Best Lost Character: Hugo “Hurley” Reyes
Hurley is definitely the most likable character on Lost; he’s one of the few characters you’d actually like to be friends with (especially after he won the lottery.) But as far as the overall story of Lost Hurley doesn’t seem like a huge player so far, maybe that will change as we get farther into the story though.

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5th Best Lost Character: Desmond Hume
If you want to make Lost a lot more enjoyable this is what I suggest you do. Print out a picture of Desmond. Then print out a picture of Penny. Every time the Jack/Juliet or Kate/Sawyer relationships come up in an episode tape Desmond’s face on Jack/Sawyer and tape Penny’s face on Juliet/Kate. Penny and Desmond is the real love story on Lost. Plus, he can see the future.

4th Best Lost Character: James “Sawyer” Ford
Right now Sawyer isn’t doing much other than hanging out at Camp Locke but for most of the show Sawyer has been a main player and his nicknames are one of the best things about Lost.

3rd Best Lost Character: Benjamin Linus
It’s looking more and more everyday like Ben is the mastermind behind everything happening on the island. He gets major points for that and all the evil and creepiness that goes along with him. But right now he still falls a little short of the top spot because he’s only been in about half the episodes.

2nd Best Lost Character: Jack Shephard
Okay so Jack is a little bit gullible and who knows what he sees in Kate or Juliet but he’s the “good guy” of the program, he has to act those ways. Jack has always been the leader of the castaways and Matthew Fox is the star of the show. That has to count for a lot. The only problem with Jack is that his flashbacks are awful.

1st Best Lost Character: John Locke
John Locke has to be the number one Lost character so far. Locke was crippled and now mysteriously he can not only walk but he can hunt down anything in the jungle. Lost has the most interesting past, his flashbacks are the easily the best, and whatever connection he has to the islands means he’ll probably have the most interesting future as well.