The 10 Best iPad Apps for Moms

The iPad can be a mother’s best friend. It’s portable, easy to use and it’s a great tool for keeping track of recipes, to-do lists, and much more.

Here’s a look at a few of the best iPad apps that every mom should have.

1. Epicurious – Free – Epicurious is a great way to find new recipes, and thanks to a great interface, it’s one of the easiest cooking apps on the iPhone. You can search by ingredients, difficulty, and much more, allowing for a quick way to plan for your family’s dinner on your way home from work.

2. Penultimate – $1.99 – This simple app allows the user to make quick notes with a finger. It’s like having a pen and paper with you wherever you go, but notes can be emailed and printed, too. It’s essential for moms, as it can make trips to the grocery store and day-to-day activities much, much more organized.

3. Total Baby – $4.99 – With a feeding schedule, timers, a baby diary and much more, Total Baby feels like a dozen good iPad apps in one. It’s everything a mother needs to keep track of a baby’s health and progress, and it’s a technologically smart way to log memories of a baby’s first few months.

4. Parenting: Seasons – $1.99 per issue – Parenting has been one of the best magazines for mothers for years, and it really shines on the iPad thanks to brilliant presentation on the computer’s awesome screen. “Seasons” is the magazine’s seasonal release and a great place for new readers to start.

5. Barnes And Noble Nook App – Free – Yeah, you can get the iBooks app for free, too, but the Nook app offers a better reading experience in this reviewers’ opinion. If you happen to own a Nook, it’s a must-have app, because all of your eBooks, bookmarks, and even the last page that you read will carry over from your Nook to your iPad and vice-versa thanks to this awesome app.

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6. LIFE for iPad – Free – Mothers do a lot of waiting in the offices of dentists, doctors, and teachers. LIFE is a great alternative to the musty magazines in those offices, as it offers a great way to browse thousands of high-quality, award winning pictures from the photojournalism mag.

7. Angry Birds HD – $4.99 – Angry Birds is successful because its accessible game play is addictive and fun. It’s great for keeping the kids busy on a car trip, and a mom might even find herself catapulting a few birds after a while.

8. Photoshop Express – Free – It’s a simplified, free version of Photoshop that can enrich any pic taken with the iPad’s camera. Great for moms who take a lot of pictures of their kids, as it allows for a quick touch-up before uploading pics to Facebook or another website.

9. Netflix – Free – Keeping the kids entertained (and quiet) is much easier with the help of Netflix’s awesome iPad app. With a subscription, you can stream hundreds of movies, including quite a few popular kids’ flicks.

10. Fish School – $0.99 – Fish School is great for mothers with small kids, as it’s an educational game app that teaches counting, colors and more. It’s cheap and has the bright colors and responsive touchscreen gameplay that kids will love.

Know of any other great iPad apps for mothers? Post below.