The 10 Best Songs of Snoop Dogg

Are you a fan of Cordozar Calvin Broadus, Jr? You may be and never realized it, because the stage name of Mr. Broadus is Snoop Dogg. In a world of one hit wonders and rappers who seldom last more than a couple of years, Snoop Dogg has been around in the Hip-Hop world for quite a while. Snoop Dogg was a former Crip and has been representing West Coast rap since 1992. Mr. Dogg has had quite the influence on Hip-Hop 16 years into the game, his lyrics generally relate to gangster and street life and of course a certain herb that he is quite fond of. Although it’s difficult to choose from because of the breadth of recordings, this list is a compilation of my opinions of the best songs by Snoop Dogg.

1. Gin and Juice– This 1993 song from one of Snoops greatest albums, Doggystyle, has some of the most famous lines within Hip-Hop that have been consistently referred to within pop culture and other songs, “With my mind on my money, and my money on my mind”. The song’s rhythm is typical of the early 90’s style that helped define West Coast Hip-Hop. Gin and Juice is obviously a potent potable mentioned by Snoop Dogg that he drinks while “laid back’. This song helped define Snoop Doggs career and remains popular until this day.

2. Murder was the case (remix) – This song from the soundtrack of the same name, hit the number one spot in 1994. Snoop was actually involved in a murder trial at the time and the song accompanied a short film that was made by Death Row Records. This track is a remix of “Murder Was the Case” that was on Snoop’s “Doggystyle” album and is less dense and a little more upbeat. Snoop Dogg performed a very memorable performance at the MTV music awards at the same time period including a coffin, church choir and Snoop in a wheelchair. Snoop Dogg was eventually acquitted of all charges in the murder case.

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3. 2 Of Amerikaz Most Wanted- This 1996 song was written by the late 2pac and Snoop Dogg for 2pac’s album “All Eyez on Me”. It was performed by 2pac and featured Snoop Dogg. Pac is considered one of the best rappers and this compilation with Snoop Dogg showed that the West Coast surely has talent. The intro to this video is a skit accounting the difficulties that both rappers were dealing with as a result of their criminal charges.

4. Aint nothing but a g thang- This is a classic song with Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg starts off with a classic rhyme scheme: 1,2,3 and 2 the 4, snoop doggy-dogg and docta dre’s at the door. The two of them complement each other very well in this song and the rhyming is phenomenal.

5. Who am I? What’s my name- This 1993 song off of the “Doggystyle” album and produced by Dr. Dre reached #8 on the Billboard top 100. George Clinton fans will recognize a familiar beat because the rhythm from his “Atomic Dog” song is used in the chorus. The famous video takes on the literal meaning of Snoop Dogg’s name as he and others transform into dogs.

6. Beautiful- Despite the song’s popularity some Hip-Hop and Snoop Purists are not big fans of this 2003 song compilation with Pharrel. Some would argue its a sell-out to more mainstream pop/hip-hop. Despite this criticism I really enjoy this song as a Pharrell fan because it adds a new dimension to what we are used to hearing from Snoop Dogg. Americans agreed that they liked the song from his album “Paid tha Cost to Be da Bo$$” as well, it reached #6 on the billboard Hot 100.

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7. Drop It Like It’s Hot- This song is another recent compilation of Snoop with Pharrell. This 2004 song was wildly popular and stayed at number one for three weeks. The song uses unique sounds of the Neptunes, but was also very minimalist mainly implementing some drum beats, tongue clicks but consistently good rhymes on the part of Snoop Dogg. The phrase Drop It Like It’s Hot has been used in popular culture and generally refers to a type of dance move generally in the clubs where you drop and shake it.

8. Lay low- Two Doggs (Nate and Snoop) collaborated in this 2000 song released off “The Last Meal” album. This song resembles somewhat of a transition from his old school rap to a more modern style. This was one of the first Hip-Hop songs I actually listened as a young teen since I had been ‘sheltered’ from the genre before. The simple rhythm is addictive and also very good to dance to. The music along with the video is reminiscent of a 1930’s club full of flappers and gangsters.

9. From the Chuuuch to the Palace- This 2002 song from also from the “Paid the Cost to be the Bo$$” album. No, I didn’t spell Church incorrectly, that’s the intentional spelling. Despite the crude lyrics Snoop sings now, many would be surprised to find out that Cordozar started out singing in Church but transitioned to rap by the 6th grade. There was also a good video accompanying the song featuring Snoop Dogg as a child controlling Snoop Dogg the adult with a voodoo doll. This is yet another song produced by Pharrell and includes elements from the song “Contagious” by the Isley brothers.

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10. Snoop Dogg- This song is a self titled composition released in 2000 from “The Last Meal” album. As hip-hop was changing, so was Snoop Dogg. His lyrics were still primarily about the same gangsta life but some the rhythms were becoming more mainstream Hip-Pop. However, this song had more of the classic 90’s Snoop Dogg sound.

Snoop Dogg is a Hip-Hop Icon that has been in the game for a while. The rapper has been the frequent object of criticism because of lyrics that are often labeled as misogynist and glorifying a life of crime. Despite these criticisms Snoop Dogg has made a name for himself in the Rap industry with his memorable drawled, laconic rhyming.