The 10 Best Wineries in Southern California

California is known for its incredible wines and wineries, and many of the best can be found in Southern California. In the Santa Barbara region and across Southern California, the sweetest grapes are aged to perfection. If you would like to check out some of the wineries in this famed region, you’re in luck! Below are ten of the best wineries that Southern California has to offer.

Santa Barbara Winery
Phone: (815) 963-3633

This well-known winery has been making some of California’s best wines for more than forty five years. It is conveniently located in downtown Santa Barbara, a mere two blocks from the beach.

Lucas & Lewellen
Phone: (805) 686-9336

The wines of Lucas & Lewellen are crafted from grapes grown in three beautiful California regions: the Santa Maria, Santa Ynez and Los Alamos valleys. The preferred growing conditions in these areas produce product ideal for the production of high-quality wines.

Phone: (805) 565-WINE

This vineyard focuses on traditional winemaking techniques, focusing on grapes from one vineyard at a time. Summerland wines are reasonably priced and carefully crafted for the best possible flavor.

Flying Goat Cellars
Phone: (805) 688-1814

Go for the name and stay for the Pinot Noir! This oddly-named winery focuses on Pinot Noir, while producing some Pinot Gris and Rose de Noir. This company is growing slowly, and expanding into both white and sparkling wines. Their funky design and outlook are a breath of fresh air.

Phone: (805) 686-2626

This modern winery founded by Bion Rice fuses art and winemaking in one unique location. Artiste’s Tasting Studios are an attraction unto themselves, with artisan foods, interactive community art canvases, art “journals” and art displays.

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Longoria Wines
Phone: (805) 688-0305

This quaint, scenic vineyard owned by vintner Rick Longoria remains one of the smallest in the area, averaging approximately 3,500 cases per year. Although his vineyard is small, Longoria puts both passion and thirty two years of experience into every bottle.

Phone: (805) 693-8864

Australian-born owner and winemaker Mike Brown believes that a good wine should be a reflection of the grapes and the area in which it was produced. You’ll enjoy sampling the varied selection of carefully-crafted wines at Kalyra.

Phone: (805) 481-1772

This winery’s name was chosen for its varied meanings – meaning “hope” in Russian, “tender” and “delicate” in French and Arabic. The wine and the scenery captivate at this locale set at 3,200 feet in the Santa Barbara Highlands.

Alma Rosa
Phone: (805) 688-9090

With owners Thekla and Richard Sanford having more than thirty eight years experience in winemaking, this 100-acre certified organic winery is a staple of the vintner community in Santa Barbara. This winery focuses on producing excellent Chardonnay and Pinot Noir.

Epiphany Cellars
Phone: (866) 354-9463

From the outside, the Epiphany Cellars looks like a cross between a rustic country home and a small town church. This winery prides itself on both accentuating the properties of grapes from an individual area, and mixing grapes from different areas to create a unique taste.