The 10 “Must Have” Bowling Balls of 2010

Are you looking for a new bowling ball for 2010? You want a ball that fits you in performance and reaction. You may not be new to shopping for the perfect ball for you, but each year new balls are released and 2010 is no different. This is a guide to the “must have” bowling balls of 2010 . Check out each ball’s performance, reaction, hook, and much more before you buy. Check out reviews from customers before you buy. A bowler never has enough balls, and there is always something new out there. There is always the next best thing and let’s look at the “must have” balls of 2010.

1. Evolve by Ebonite

The World Wide Release Date for the Evolve is July 14, 2010. The Evolve is a High Performance bowling ball. The ball comes in navy, purple, and silver colors. With a Coverstock of XL1000 and an Evolve 1.0 Weight Block, its Ball Finish is 4000 Abralon Sanded. Its Hook Potential is 46 on a scale of 1-50, and its Length is 24 on a scale of 1-50, early to late. The Flare Potential is High and the Break Point Angle is 14.25. This ball has a very strong backend continuation reaction. When using the Evolve, medium to heavy oil lane conditions are recommended. The RG Differential is 0.053 Medium Flare on a scale of .000-.080 low flare-high flare. The RG Average is 2.57 Medium on a scale of 2.43-2.80 very low-high break point. On, Ebonite states, “The all-new Ebonite Evolve is the ultimate in High Performance bowling balls. Designed with the new XL1000 cover that provides great length, and the new Evolve 1.0 core that adds the most dynamic change of direction bowlers will need. EVOLVE your game.”

“Very underrated ball that has great reaction and a strong back end. I like the polish on the surface better because I get better control with it when I need to adjust. To compare it with my Mission, the Evolve goes longer but the ball motion and back end between the two are very similar but the overall hook I have to give it to the Mission. If you get a chance, try the Evolve out because it’s worth a try.” -dark_rising76 via

2. Evil Siege by Brunswick

The Evil Siege is a High Performance bowling ball. High Performance. The Evil Siege comes in black and red pearl. The Coverstock is propel pearl, and the Factory Finish is 4,000 micro pad. According to, the Propel Pearl is an evolutionary coverstock developed to improve the mid-lane and back end traction of the ball on slick oils and lane surfaces. Its Hardness is 75-76, and its Weight Block is a MACE Two-component Asymmetrical Core. According to, The MACE core has three major benefits: ultra-low RG core system to engage the Propel Pearl coverstock, high RG differential to aid in traction through heavy oil, and high RG asymmetric differential to quicken the response time to friction. The MACE Core is designed as a two-component elliptical core. This ball has a Hook Potential of 170 on scale of 10-175 and a Length of 110 on a scale of 25-235. The Typical Breakpoint Shape is 90 Angular on a Scale Smooth Arc 10-Angular 100 and the Flare Potential is 0.056 High on a scale low 0.00-high 0.060. The Average RG is 2.8 of 10. On, Brunswick states, “The Evil Siege unites the Propel Pearl coverstock and the proved MACE core to produce a ball motion that is strong in the mid-land and aggressive on the back end. The Evil Siege is the ball when your game needs help battling medium to oily conditions and poor pin action.”

“This ball is phenomenal for me. It is the ball that I use as a benchmark, or you can say it is the first ball out of my bag. This ball is clean through the heads and it controls the breakpoint very well (which is what I had hoped when I drilled it up). The ball is playable from multiple angles and it carries well from any angle that I have used it. It is one of those balls that is an everything ball for me. Carry is way above average, and it can handle varying amounts of oil.” -Dennis Rhodes, Brunswick Advisory Staff via

3. Python by Brunswick

The Python comes in blue and yellow pearl with a beautiful high gloss polish factory finish. With an EnMotion Reactive Coverstock and a Python Core Weight Block, this ball demonstrates a Hardness of 76-78. Its Hook Potential is 115 on a scale 10-175, and its Length is 100 on a scale 25-235. The Typical Breakpoint Shape is 70 Angular on a Scale Smooth Arc 10-Angular 100, and the Flare Potential is 0.042 High on a Scale Low 0.00-High 0.060. This ball has an Average RG of 3.0 of 10. On, Brunswick states, “Predictable power is the best way to describe the new Python. With a more direct line of attack on the lane, a fast revving core and constricting power on the pins, the Python provides a secure ball reaction at the Advanced Performance price point. For the bowler who wants to play straighter angles with predictable power, get a Python and squeeze the life out of your opponent.”

“This ball can open up angles on the lane extremely well. The cover is very clean and the combination with the core saves a lot of energy to turn the corner on the back end. With simple hand adjustments, you can get a ball that opens up the lane to a ball that is great for going up the boards. The ball still rolls heavy enough that it will still carry when you take hand out of the ball. I think this ball is great for any house pattern. It gives mistake room above and beyond what the house pattern already gives. A good ball for tournament and league bowlers. It is usable on many different conditions by almost any style of release. Carry is above average. For the price, this ball is unbelievable. After throwing roughly 30 games, the cover is not showing much ware, and has only been wiped off and cleaned after every set. This is a good ball for people with an arsenal and for people that only have one ball (due to its versatility).” -Dennis Rhodes, Brunswick Advisory Staff via

4. Avalanche Slide by Brunswick

The Avalanche Slide comes in a Coverstock of PowerKoil XD Reactive Pearl. The ball color is red and black pearl. The Weight Block is a Teal Rhino Pro light bulb core, and the Ball Finish is High Gloss Polish. With a Hook Potential of 75, which is Medium on a scale of 10-175 Low-High and a Length of 155, which is Long on a scale of 25-235 Low-High, the Breakpoint Shape is 80 Angular on a scale of 10-100 Arced-Angular. The RG Differential is 0.024 Low Flare on a scale of .000-.080 Low Flare-High Flare, and the RG Average is 2.548 Medium-Low on a scale of 2.43-2.80 Very Low-High Break Point. Dry to medium oil is recommended for lane conditions. Keep in mind that a few tiny pit holes in the coverstock of the ball are normal. On, Brunswick states, “The Avalanche Slide uses the brand new PowrKoil XD Reactive coverstock which has been specifically designed to provide extra distance (XD) through the heads when compared to the traditional PowrKoil coverstock. Combined with the light bulb core, the PowrKoil XD coverstock of the Avalanche Slide gets cleanly through the heads, even on broken down lane conditions, while maintaining the strong back-end reaction necessary to bury the pins in the pit.”

“I love the way this ball goes through the pins. It is continuous and due to the increase in energy, it really moves the pins side to side very well. When I have thrown lower flaring balls in the past, I had a tendency to “ping” ten pins. I don’t get that with this ball. This ball looks like a more expensive ball going through the pocket.” -Dennis Rhodes, Brunswick Advisory Staff via

5. Maxxx Zone by Brunswick

The Maxxx Zone has a Ball Finish of 600 Grit Wet Sand and a PlaZma Reactive Solid Coverstock. The ball comes in black, purple, and blue. It has a Hook Potential of 175, which is High on a scale of 10-175 Low-High with a Length of 45, which is Early on a scale of 25-235 Early-Late. The Breakpoint Shape is 70, which is Angular on a scale of 10-100 Arced-Angular. The RG Differential is 0.042 Medium on a scale of 0.0-0.080 Low-High, and the RG Average is 2.522 Medium-Low on a scale of 2.43-2.80 Very Low-High Break Point. Medium to oily lane conditions are recommended. Keep in mind that a few tiny pit holes in the cover stock of the ball are normal. On, Brunswick states, “To maximize the performance of the MaxXX Zone, Brunswick has developed the new PlaZma coverstock. PlaZma sticks to the lane and continues to traction strong when other coverstocks break loose from the lane. When combined with the MaxXX Zone core this gives an unbeatable combination to attack the oiliest lane conditions and provide unparalleled lane hugging traction and recovery. ”

“A good ball for tournament bowlers. It is smooth and it easy to read when to throw it and when to put it away. Carry is above average. It will not wow a lot of people, unless you throw it on its intended condition. Even though it maintains energy, it is still an oiler and should be thrown as such. This ball hit what I was looking for when I drilled it up to a tee. From my perspective, that is all you can ask for.” -Dennis Rhodes, Brunswick Advisory Staff via

6. Pure Swing by Columbia

The Pure Swing is a High Performance Ball that comes in black and gold pearl color with a Full Swing Core. and a Full Tilt 5.0 Pearl Veneer. The Surface is 800, 1000 Abralon with a Powerhouse Factory Finish and a Skid/Flip Reaction. Its Hook Ratings are 36 for Oil and 46 for Back end. Medium Oil is recommended for lane condition. On, Columbia states, “This ball is stronger in the back end than any High Performance ball in our history and will provide bowlers a complementary product to our Full Swing and Bedlam series balls. It’s performance is as pure as anything you have ever encountered.”

“The Pure Swing is the best ball I have rolled. Never owned a Columbia ball before I have several Storm and Roto Grip balls. I am a 170 average. During the last 3 weeks in league, I have 3 game averages of 204, 197, and 202 last night with this ball. That’s 30 pins over my average for the last 3 weeks. Buy this ball. You won’t be sorry.” -Ironhead via

7. Invasion by Storm

Invasion is a High Performance ball is a R3X Solid Reactive Coverstock and an Origin Weight Block. It comes in violet, crimson, and sapphire colors with a Mulberry Fragrance. The Ball Finish is 4000-grit Abralon, and its Flare Potential is 6″ Plus, which is High. Heavy Oil is recommended for lane condition. According to, this ball features the next generation of advancement in core and coverstock technology.

“For strokers, like myself, & with fresh or tournament condition, it’s a great ball! I highly recommend this ball. The Invasion keeps the pins low & really hooks!” -Rich Manzer Jr., USBC Level 1 Instructor via

8. Mega Recovery by AMF

The Mega Recovery is a High Performance ball with F75 Reactive Coverstock. According to, AMF uses a numeric rating system designed to differentiate their coverstock strengths with F10 being least aggressive and F90 being most aggressive. The Ball Color comes in orange and black with a Finish of 1000 Abralon. The RG Average is 2.45 Low on a scale of 2.43-2.8 Very low-High Break Point, and the RG Differential is 0.054 Medium on a scale of .000-.080 Low-High Flare. Heavy oil lane conditions are recommended. Keep in mind that a few tiny pit holes in the cover stock of the ball are normal. On, AMF states, “Mega Recovery is the first extension to the popular Mega line and provides a cleaner look through the front of the lane, while providing the overall aggressiveness you’ve come to expect from the Mega line.”

“The ball will give you recovery and forgiveness,without expending much effort. Clean through the heads with amazing recovery and carry. This has become my first game ball on the house shot. If you are struggling getting something to read the mid-lane and finish strong in oil,that will allow to move as the lanes change and recover this might be worth a try.” -toomanytenpins via

9. Avalanche Black/Electric Green by Brunswick

With a Recoil Reactive Coverstock and a 4000 Grit Abralon with Powerhouse Factory Finish Polish, this ball comes in black and and electric green colors. The Core is a High-Density 3-Piece Pancake Core and the Flare Potential is Low with a Maximum Length with Moderate Back end Performance. Medium-dry to dry oil is recommended as lane condition. Keep in mind that a few tiny pit holes in the cover stock of the ball are normal. The Coverstock is PowrKoil 18 Reactive Pearl and the Factory Finish is High Gloss Polish. This ball has a Hardness of 76-78 and a Teal Rhino Pro┬« light bulb core Weight Block. The Average RG is 4.2 of 10, and the Hook Potential is 85 on a Scale 10-175. The Length is 140 of a Scale 25-235 with a Typical Breakpoint Shape of 75 Angular on a Scale Smooth Arc 10-Angular 100 and a Flare Potential of 0.024 Low on a Scale Low 0.00-High 0.060. On, Brunswick states, “The Avalanche Black/Electric Green uses Powrkoil 18 Reactive pearl [Coverstock]. Designed for more length than the Avalanche Solid. The Avalanche Black/Electric Green Pearl is designed for lighter amounts of oil and a more “down the boards” line to the pocket.”

“This ball is amazing!! I haven’t changed the surface at all haven’t needed to with this its a perfect combination for your lighter oil shots gives me plenty of room though across the lane with how much hand i have. This ball is a fantastic put out from Brunswick! Proud to use the B word!” -Teej7753 via

10. Freeze by Columbia

The Freeze comes in scarlet and black or black and silver or red and blue colors. With a NE2 Veneer, the Core is a Modified Messenger and the Surface is 4000 grit Abralon with Powerhouse Factory Finish Polish. The Reaction is a Skid/Flip, and this ball is recommended on medium to dry oil lane condition. On, Columbia states, “An oldie, but a goodie. This ball contains a modified version of the Messenger core – arguably the most successful core in Columbia 300 history – wrapped in the NE2 shell which was featured on last year’s Momentum. A 2-piece core paired with a high performance cover you asked for it, we served it… FROZEN.”

“I love the ball. I find dropping to a 14 lb ball I get more revs, more speed and more pin action. This ball goes straight down for me and snaps right at the end. It’s a great ball and I couldn’t be happier!! I have seen a few guys at the center with this ball, a few ppl on tv and so far everyone loves it. You can’t beat the price either! Definitely recommend this ball!!” -kharma21 via

It is really cool to see all the new ball and technology that comes out each year. Bowling has really evolved over the years. The equipment and techniques get better and better every year. The new bowling balls are just plain “cool”. You can get a maximum performance ball that fits you as a bowler. The choices of balls and equipment are extensive. It is a great time to be a bowler!

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