The 10 Worst ESPN Personalities

Here is my list of the ten people that make me cringe on the couch, instead of enjoying ESPN thoroughly like I otherwise do. Feel free to add yours to the list, I’m sure I’m hurting some feelings as well… I know there are a number of people I don’t mind who are usuals on others’ list (Skip Bayless, Jim Rome, etc.). Here goes nothing:

10. All of the following do not belong on ESPN and do not demand enough respect for their own place on the list. First Take’s Reischea Canidate is the worst. Herm Edwards (For ineptitude: New draft guru and NFL consultant after winning 6 games the past 2 years, yuck), Sage Steele (For ignorantly knowing nothing about sports and being blatantly unfunny), Bill Plaschke, Kevin Blackistone, Jackie MacMullen, and Howie Schwab (pathetic in countless ways) and the Stewart brothers (who?)

9. Lou Holtz, This isn’t your fault. You are a coaching legend who should be respected and retired. The mock pregame speeches are weekly youtube material and every college-aged male has tried impersonating you at one point or another. ESPN is pretty sick for making Lou a laughingstock. And I’ll never forget when we were watching and he congratulated Michigan on a great victory when the game was close early in the 4th quarter.

8. Kenny Mayne- If anybody loves sarcasm and dry humor it’s this guy, but Kenny Mayne is irrelevant, abrasive and nauseating. Why does ESPN insist on joining in on the tired Will Ferrell type of humor running rampant today? He does make me laugh from time to time but everything in between is just plain bad and I really could do without his new golf commercials.

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7. Trey Wingo- Ruins NFL Live when he singles out the camera to give some smart ass, pretentious comment. I didn’t mind him before but every episode now he just bothers me.

6. Chris Berman- you were fun when I was 8 but now you are not hip and have turned more and more into like ESPN owes everything they have to you. Sure you have been there through it all but Im just sick of your shtick. Now he just tries too hard and newsflash: the Bills and Niners aren’t winning a Super Bowl in your lifetime so quit picking them.

5. Lee Corso- Not so fast sweetheart, you are consistently wrong and ruin ESPN’s otherwise best duo of Fowler and Herbstreit, he is a homer, loud and obnoxious, and a typically stubborn old man. His commentary in real life only rivaled by his commentary on the NCAA football video games.

4. Tony Kornheiser- He’s not the first to have butchered their chance at Monday Night Football. What was ESPN thinking? He knows next to nothing about football and he routinely beat a single topic into the ground or tried to be funny, but even made Dennis Miller shake his head once in awhile. I’m a big Wilbon fan, but Tony is just so pretentious, East-coast centric, and self-righteous that I am not that big of PTI fan. He won’t even fly on a plane, what a chump.

3. Digger Phelps- He obviously hates KU and I’m just as bothered when he homers against other teams. He was extra grumpy the night I met the ESPN guys while Rece, Hubert, and Jay were all stand-up guys. He wouldn’t even take a shot with us. What a grinch! Color coordinating a highlighter and tie, WHOAAAA!

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2. Dana Jacobsen- What a classy woman. She should have been fired after her drunken tirade at the Mike and Mike Roast. Bleeping Notre Dame and Touchdown Jesus and Jesus is one of the saddest, most irresponsible acts of sports journalism I have ever heard. She would be on this anyways for being the worst interviewer this side of Sage Steele, in addition to being utterly terrible as a moderator for 1st and Ten, poorly dressed as well.

1. Josh Elliott- This is personal. You get way too many hours and belong in the mailroom or in an attorney’s office. You are the epitome of silver-spooned child who thinks the entire world should listen to you. You are not funny, not sports smart, not witty… I see through you. Just watch him closely and tell me I’m not right. He struggles through every show, it is painful. In a related focus group he was picked as the worst ESPN anchor ever.