The 20 Best Techno Songs of All Time

There are many genres of music, many which have evolved over the years. From folk-rock to country-rap, music is now more versatile than ever. One extremely versatile as well as popular type of music is techno or techno rock, which originated in Detroit, Michigan in the mid to late 1980s. Techno music is similar to rock, but with the incorporation of different instruments and creativity, to many music lovers, techno is so much more. Created to be listened to at dance clubs, despite the fact that techno music originated in the 1980s, it’s still popular today.

Pump Up The Jam

This song by “Technotronic”, which was released in 1989, is an especially popular techno song that many techno lovers will never forget. With its rhythmic beat and catchy lyrics, even those who don’t usually listen to techno will discover this song’s ability to cause anyone want to dance.

I Like to Move It

By “Real To Real,” this song is another quite popular techno jam. Released in 1995, this song caused many to want to “move it,” and still does.

What is Love?

This song by Haddaway was released in 1993 and remains popular 16 years later. Considered to be one of the best songs to be played at a nightclub, “What is Love?” will always be a hit.

Another Night

Performed by Real McCoy, this is another song that is perfect for nightclubs. When this song was released in 1993, fan’s were in awe, and due to its popularity, many fan’s continue to be in awe.

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The Sign

This is just one of many classic techno jams by the group “Ace of Base.” While this song doesn’t require as much energy to dance to with its somewhat slower beat, it still qualifies as one of the ultimate techno songs ever.


A 1995 sensation, this song by “Scatman John” became a major hit in nightclubs and on radio stations nationwide. Even though many had no idea what a “scat man” was, it was and still is a great dance/techno song.

Cotton Eye Joe

Just about every techno fan is familiar with and has loved this song by Rednex since its 1995 release. Frequently played at nightclubs of all types, “Cotton Eye Joe” will never be forgotten because of its unique lyrics that causes many to start to sing and dance simultaneously.


By Prodigy, this dance song was loved by many upon its 1997 release, as well as many other songs by this well-known and well-liked group. Firestarter is one of those songs that doesn’t have to “grow on you,” as people often liked it immediately because of its awesome beat.

Whip It

Still quite a popular song, Devo’s “Whip It,” will never go out of style because too many fans love to dance, play and laugh as they listen to this wonderful song that was released in 1980.

Age of Love

When “Age of Love” came out with this awesome mix of different beats in 1990, many techno fans fell in love with yet another song. Popular at nightclubs in the 90s, many dance clubs continue to play this song. It’s perfect to exercise to as well, as it will motivate you to really get moving.

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I Love My Sex

Released in 2003, Benny Benassi came out with this awesome and “hypnotic” techno song, causing many techno lovers to go wild over it. It’s a very sexy and catchy song that immediately puts you in the mood to start dancing.

All That She Wants

Another slower but popular dance/techno song by Ace of Base, this song was released in 1993 and will remain popular indefinitely.

Saturday Night

Whigfield came out with this awesome techno song in 1996, and it caused almost all listeners to want to go out on a “Saturday Night” and dance nonstop.

Be My Lover

Sexy as well as catchy, this 1995 song by La Bouche is another perfect dance club song that will always be a major hit.

Where Do you Go?

When No Mercy came out with this song in 1996, it became an instant Billboard Hot 100, according to MTV. Techno fans everywhere will never get tired of dancing to this great song.

Exploration of Space

With various space sounds in addition to the wonderful beats of techno/dance music, this song by Cosmic Gate became quite popular in 2000, when it was released.

Techno Rocker

One of DJ Balloon’s many techno hits, Techno Rocker became popular in 2000 and since then, techno music lovers have been unable to get this song out of their heads.

Drop The Base

By DJ Raaban, this song is still and always will be a hit dance song. Its
appealing beats makes it stand out from other techno songs, which is wildly attractive to dance music lovers.

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When Darude released this wonderful song, techno music fans had another song to fall in love with, and that’s exactly what they did because of this song’s addictive beats.


By Newton, this major techno hit is appealing because of its original beats that causes its listeners to desire to dance or become physical in some way.