The 25 Greatest Green Cartoon Characters

If you’re celebrating St. Patrick’s Day at home with your kids, rent some television shows or films on DVD starring some of these great green cartoon characters, or search for some printable color pages featuring them:

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – Watch these “heroes in a half shell” and your kids will be saying “Cowabunga, dude!” all night long.

Gumby – I love this green guy’s surreal, mushy world.

The Incredible Hulk – He’s a mean green fighting machine!

Shrek – The green ogre with a heart of gold.

The Grinch – His tale may be more suited for Christmas, but its moral is great for any holiday.

Mike Wazowski – This wise-cracking, one-eyed employee of Monsters, Inc. isn’t as scary as he wants your children to think he is.

Plucky Duck – He’s a Tiny Toon with big aspirations: to be just like his idol, Daffy Duck.

Gogo Dodo and the elder Dodo from ‘Porky in Wackyland’ – These two bizarre creatures live in the twisted world of Wackyland, a wonderful place where anything can happen (as long as it’s wacky, of course).

Cecil – Beany’s sea-sick sea serpent puppet friend takes him on pun-filled adventures to exotic worlds.

Mr. Toad – He goes on his infamous wild ride.

The Great Gazoo – A tiny alien that drove Fred Flinstone crazy with his ability to disappear and reappear.

Wally Gator – This alligator with a Southern drawl loves his comfy home at the zoo, but escapes to check out the outside world from time to time.

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Ducky – Who knew that such a tiny, hyperactive dinosaur could cause so much chaos in the Land Before Time?

Godzuki – Godzilla may be grand, but tiny Godzuki is much cuter!

Beast Boy – This obnoxious shape-shifting Teen Titan can turn himself into any animal, but it’ll always be green.

Baby Kermit – The leader of the Muppet babies learns that it’s not easy being green (especially if Miss Piggy is in love with you).

Heimlich – The caterpillar clown in a bug circus troupe that believes A Bug’s Life should be all about stuffing yourself until you can’t move.

Good Luck Bear – A carebear who is perfect for St. Patrick’s day; he wears a shamrock on his belly for good luck.

Broom-Hilda – This witch’s green skin, bad looks, and bad attitude definitely don’t help her in her quest to find a husband.

The Crocodile – The hungriest resident of Never Land wanders about with a clock in his belly and desires nothing more than to snack on Captain Hook, and Peter Pan would love to help him do just that.

Slimer – This messy ghost may have a bit of a mean streak, but who could be better to help the Ghostbusters capture ghosts than another ghost?

Count Duckula – The star of a bizarre British cartoon series about a green, vampire duck (who craves carrots, not blood) and his quest for fortune and fame.

ZorakSpace Ghost’s green nemesis went from doing battle with him in the 60’s to starring with him on a talk show in the 90’s.

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Bucky O’Hare – This green bunny does battle against the evil Toad Empire.

Jiminy Cricket – A singing bug makes a great conscience.

So spend St. Patrick’s Day with some of these great green cartoon characters by watching them or coloring them with your kids; just be sure to have some extra green crayons handy!