The Best 10 Songs by the Cars

Among the bands that came to prominence during the late 1970’s and early 80’s, the Cars numbered among the most influential musicians of the time. Frontman Ric Ocasek, who ran afoul of Dana Carvey’s “Church Lady” character on “Saturday Night Live,” wrote some truly unforgettable lyrics about the pain and frustration that goes along with loving someone special:

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Top 10 Songs by the Cars #10 “Good Times Roll”

One of the best songs by the Cars that talks about the price of fame. The singer says that one of drawbacks to finally making it to the top is how people treat you, both good and bad.

Top 10 Songs by the Cars #9 “Touch and Go”

A tale of an uncontrollable attraction, the male vocalist knows he loses control when he gets close to the object of his affection, sometimes beyond the point of no return.

Top 10 Songs by the Cars #8 “Magic”

Needing to keep her close to him, the singer uses his influence on the one he loves. He realizes, though, that she has a certain magical hold over him as well.

Top 10 Songs by the Cars #7 “Since You’re Gone”

Abandoned by the one he cares for, the male vocalist on this painful love story watches his life slowly fall to pieces.

Top 10 Songs by the Cars #6 “Drive”

The frustrated singer of this song tries to reason with the one he loves, telling her that she really needs to appreciate him more. After all, he’s the one who looks out for her and drives her home.

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Top 10 Songs by the Cars #5 “Tonight She Comes”

Involved in a one-sided relationship, the singer of this love ballad is totally infatuated with a girl who collects men’s hearts like trophies. Every once in a while, though, she gives him a reason to keep hanging on to hope.

Top 10 Songs by the Cars #4 “Let’s Go”

A song about unrequited love, “Let’s Go” tells the story of a man who adores a free spirit, but she’s more in love with living the night life than being with him.

Top 10 Songs by the Cars #3 “You Might Think”

The woman that the singer adores treats him so badly that he wonders if she thinks he’s crazy for just staying with her.

Top 10 Songs by the Cars #2 “Just What I Needed”

A rock-and-roll love song, the singer of “Just What I Needed” knows that the love of his life is bad for him, but he doesn’t mind as long as she’s nearby.

Top 10 Songs by the Cars #1 “Shake It Up”

Easily the best all-around song by the Cars, “Shake It Up,” with its hard-driving beat, made it the perfect tune for college dorms and the dance floor.