The Best 3 Ectopic Pregnancy Blogs

If you have an ectopic pregnancy, then you usually have very little time between finding out that your pregnancy is ectopic and having treatment. It is very common for women to first find out that it is ectopic and then be rushed into surgery almost immediately. As it is so fast, there is often little time to contact other people.

Also, as ectopic pregnancies are never viable and become apparent (and potentially dangerous) within the first pregnancy, the pregnancy usually isn’t public yet. You may be facing the end of your pregnancy without ever having had the chance to tell people that you are pregnant (if you even knew yourself).

As a result of these factors, and the emotional impact of ectopic pregnancies and the grief associated with discussing it, couples may not want to discuss their experience with many people-at least at first. However, it can still be beneficial to have a place to share their experiences and read about other people who have gone through the same thing. In age of technology and social networking, blogs can offer a great venue in order to form a support network and get information.

Here are the three best blogs related to ectopic pregnancies.

A tale (of the trials and tribulations) of letting go…

This blog is written by a teacher named Esperanza. Through the blog, she mostly documents her family life. It began in 2009 shortly after she had an ectopic pregnancy.

The posts written during this early period are very poignant about her loss. It also chronicles her later second pregnancy and her life with her baby daughter. I really like the mix of her moving on with her life and yet her still remembering the baby that she lost in her ectopic pregnancy.

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To visit the blog a tale (of the trials and tribulations) of letting go…, click here.

Blogging With Bump

This is a very personal blog that really addresses all aspects of ectopic pregnancy. The blog began when the author (Damara) was planning her pregnancy, and follows her through from her positive pregnancy and healthy early weeks to emergency surgery for an ectopic pregnancy. This blog gives a lot of detailed information about what you will experience if you are surgically treated for an ectopic pregnancy, and also honestly addresses the emotional side of ectopic pregnancies.

To go to Blogging With Bump, click here.

Anonymously Blogging and Baby Making!

This relatively new blog is about “trying for a baby and blogging about it in secret because you might already know me!” Sadly, her pregnancy turned out to be ectopic. The blog follows her journey and keeps track of her treatment and recovery. It is full of short, easy to read posts, and you feel as though you’re chatting with someone you know.

To read Anonymously Blogging and Baby Making!, click here.