The Best Fishing Rod to Use for Trout


I have been fishing for trout for more than twenty years and in that time I have learned that the fishing rod that you use plays a major role in the success that you have when you are fishing for the beautiful fish. Many “rookie” trout fishermen mistakenly believe that the style, length, and name brand of the rod that you employ when fishing for trout doesn’t matter much and the truth is that the fishing rod that you use goes a long way towards experiencing sustained success on the water when you are fishing for this multi colored species of fish.

In this article I’m going to list three trout rods that I have used and/or continue to use when fishing for trout. All of these fishing rods pass the test of being truly good fishing rods to use for trout, but which on is the best? That’s really hard to say as they all have there good points and picking the one that is the best depends on your favorite style of trout fishing, your budget, and the amount of time that you spend on the water in a given trout season. Just for a point of reference the fishing rods being outlined below range in price from $40 to just over $60, so these trout fishing rods are affordable for any budget.

  1. Cabela’s Classic IM6 Spinning Rod – These rods are Cabela’s signature series of ultralight spinning rods and are as affordable as any trout fishing rod that you will find anywhere. These fishing rods offer cork handles and stainless steel guides for easy casting. While this is a good rod for the person who is new to the world of trout fishing, more experienced trout fishermen will find this rod to be “average”.
  2. Berkley Trout Series – The Berkeley trout series is also a quality trout rod that has been specifically designed for casting and fishing trout dough baits, so if this is your trout fishing style of choice this fishing rod is for you. If you like to fish for trout in the flowing waters of a river or stream, I would not suggest this particular rod choice.
  3. ESP Series Spinning Rods – If you put a gun to my head and made me choose the best fishing rod to use for trout, ESP rods would be it. You see these rods are specifically designed for ultra light fishing and they perform as well as rods that cost twice as much money. The manufacturer uses proprietary technology in the manufacturing process, which makes the ESP series a great fishing rod option for serious trout fishermen. This fact is especially true if you prefer to fish for trout in the flowing waters of a river or stream by casting spinners and spoons or “drifting” live bait.
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The bottom line is that the best rod to use for trout doesn’t have to break the bank, as long as you know what you are looking for. All of the rods outlined in this article work great for trout fishing and would be a great addition to almost any trout fisherman’s arsenal.