The Best Online Sites for Camping, Supplies and Tips

Camping supplies and gear can be found in most any town but with thousands of camp equipment stores vying for your business online you’re sure to a much better deal. But, if you purchase online there’s that pesky shipping charge to contend with, reducing your savings.

At you’ll find clothing, equipment, basic supplies and often free shipping. The store carries a huge line of outdoor products for campers, hikers, climbers and skiers. is another place that features free shipping frequently. There you’ll find tents of all sorts, backpacks big and small, lighting needs and even water treatments.

L.L.Bean is a popular store that’s catered to outdoor activities for years. They’re known for their high quality, not necessarily cheap prices, but regularly offer free shipping. No matter what your camping needs, from something small like binoculars, to something large like camping tables, you’ll find it here:

Another popular store, that’s been around for many years, is Coleman. Their products are well-known around the world and they now have an online shopping spot:

Also well established: featuring outfits, equipment, supplies and everything else.

Find unique items like outdoor fireplaces, boat shelters, sun shelters, and GPS systems at The site is easy to navigate and features a large array of products for any outdoor activity.

The Camping Source has many items that other camping stores have: grills, heaters, first aid kits and tents but they also seem to be slightly cheaper than some of the more popular stores. And, they list upcoming RV shows, camping recipes and cookbooks, campground listings and much more. Find it all at

Children propose a different challenge when it comes to camping. Smaller everything is needed to accommodate kids and you’ll find that at . The place not only has children’s tents and sleeping bags but offers safety tips for camping with little ones as well as cooking suggestions and wildlife news.

Another site featuring children’s equipment is . Torso packs, snowshoes, backpacks and even child carriers are available at this store which also carries outdoor related books.

At you’ll find frequent sales on all sorts of camping supplies. Find truck tents, air mattresses, cooking supplies and even tent poles. Find a camping checklist, sales catalog and other extras.

Camping 4 Less has an online catalog that’s convenient for purchasing camping gear. They regularly have sale items, free shipping, free recipes and other special features. The site is somewhat small compared to some of the other stores online but you’ll find great prices and quality gear:

On the high-end of the camping gear stores is . Mostly featuring clothing and shoes the store also features frequent free shipping days and a closeout page that can save you plenty.

Camping gear is expensive but you can find big discounts by shopping some online auction sites. or are a couple of places where you can often find merchandise that is slightly used but in perfect shape. Make sure you check the seller’s feedback and ask specific questions about the item before proceeding with the auction.

Outdoor Gear Swap is a cool site where you can buy, sell and trade camping gear. Most items found for sale by individuals are only slightly used and in great shape. You can’t beat the prices, either: . Similar places to find used equipment are , and yahoo auctions found at

Here’s a great site built from the experience of a real-life camping family: The site has plenty of resources and links, plus interesting tips like setting up a kitchen and lists that help the camping trip go smoothly.

Rent camping equipment: , , or

Find folding boats to take along with you on your trip: or

In case you prefer vintage and antique equipment:

American Camp Association:

Find campgrounds and RV parks:

Camping in National Parks and Reserved Camping:

National campground lists:

To get the best camping equipment at the best prices visit several web sites, compare prices and check for free or discounted shipping.