The Top 10 Greatest R&B; Singers Ever

Can you imagine creating a list of the top 10 Greatest R&B; Singers of all time? Who would you choose and who would you rank at #1 and why?
The selections chosen here were purely based on vocal skill, ability, range, power, richness and quality! These Artists also had a vocal style that left a lasting impact of profound measure on the music industry! So without further delay, here is my rundown for the top 10 greatest R&B; Singers of all time!

10. R. Kelly – incredibly gifted and infinite versatility, Robert can bring you from high and passionate, to a playful sing song flow with the greatest of ease

9. Mariah Carey – masterful control of high range and vocal ability, Mariah is in a category few can achieve (male or female)

8. Teddy Pendergrass – The maestro of vocal inflection that commanded attention with dominating vocal authority. Many of Teddy’s classic ballads were highly regarded as “baby makin music” and with good reason. Turn off the lights and light a candle, indeed!

7. Whitney Houston – Born into musical royalty, Whitney was destined for musical greatness almost from conception! And her vocals are on a superior level that few can match.

6. Patti Labelle – A one woman powerhouse of vocal & musical ability, Ms. Labelle is one of a kind. Blessed with power, range and passion her voice is as powerful as it is graceful!

5. Marvin Gaye – Mr. Smooth, & the ultimate ladies man, Marvin was as classic and melodic as they come vocally. Smooth crooner with heart, soul and depth, this singer’s impact can be felt from legends in the making like R. Kelly & Usher of today

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4. Aretha Franklin – The original diva, Ms. Franklin is the epitome of a trailblazer with her vocal style and ability and is one of the few living legends who can still perform at a high level to this day

3. Michael Jackson – Before he was the self proclaimed King of Pop, he was a captivating, crowd pleasing dancing machine singer, who even as a child (with his brothers in the legendary Jackson 5 group) blew most competition both grown & young out the water! M.J.’s voice is timeless and his smooth harmonic sound has been often imitated (Donnell Jones, Usher, Ne-Yo, Chris Brown), but never duplicated! What else can we say, long live the King

2. Luther Vandross – Now this master of ceremonies was truly the most captivating mesmerizing vocal presence the world has ever heard! From silky smooth to intense and powerful, Luther could switch ranges on the drop of a dime like no one else. And he was definitely a consistent creator of classic ballads that always knew how to set the mood right for love.

And the number 1 greatest R&B; Singer of all time is…………………………………

  1. Stevie Wonder – pure musical genius! What else can you say about Mr. Stevie Wonder a gifted musician who has one of the smoothest, melodic, and recognizable voices ever, hands down! When you hear Stevie sing, you know it’s him and his range and incredible talent never fail to please!

And now I must shout out a few honorable mentions – Donny Hathaway, Al Green, Gladys Knight, Chaka Kahn, Alicia Keys, Brian McKnight, Joe, Maxwell & Curtis Mayfield

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Thanks again for checking me out guys, until next time take care.