The Top 10 Merlot Wines of 2009

The top 10 Merlot wines of 2009 are produced on the West Coast. California and Washington State provide the right environment for the thin skinned Merlot grapes to grow. A Noble Bordeaux variety of grapes that date back to the early 1800’s. Merlot wines are available for everyone to enjoy.

My number one pick for the top 10 Merlot wines of 2009 is Columbia Valley Merlot. This dark plum and black cherry Merlot is excellent with a meal or as a sipping wine with it’s rich and meaty flavor. Edged with cedar and smoke, the roundness of this Merlot is excellent.

The red-fruited Carneros-Napa Valley Merlot is my second choice. This Merlot uses the tenderest grapes with a cherry hint to round out the flavor. A round and supple wine that ages exquisitely with a simple yet pleasing to the taste.

Number three is Walla Walla Valley Merlot. This Merlot is a round and deliciously spicy wine. Brewed with dark ripe grapes, the flavor stays on the pallet long after each sip. The flavor of the wine ages with breathing.

Napa Valley Reserve Merlot is number four. Napa Valley Reserve Merlot is produced with a sturdy and sumptuous red fruits. As a heavy Merlot, this wine has proved to be a wonderful companion for any red meat.

Aging excellently throughout the decade is number five, Napa Valley Merlot by Tony Soter. This Merlot provides a rich dark black current bodied for those who enjoy dark Merlot wines. Hints of black mint and green olive provide an excellent structure.

With a nose of clay-mineral tannin upon opening, Carneous Mitsuko’s Vineyard Q Black Merlot is number six. This Merlot provides a wonderful finish on the pallet. The flavor carries through to the next day once it is opened. Excellent body with a full flavor.

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Number seven is the dark and fleshy Russian River Valley Merlot. This Merlot is more intriguing as the glass evolves. A scent of five spices provides a nose that is fresh. The aging of this Merlot will provide an excellent wine as the years pass.

Number eights is Walla Walla Valley Seven Hills Vineyard Merlot. This Merlot has a full richness that is firm with good proportions. A red fruit wine with a cherry overtone provides an exquisite flavor. The richness of this Merlot is a wonderful surprise.

Falling into place at number nine, Napa Valley Merlot is a multi-berry wine with several layers. Combining black berries, boysenberry, strawberries and black raspberries provide a silken texture. A smoky oak hint is heightened as the wine breaths.

Number ten is the spicy and heady L’Ecole Walla Walla Valley Seven Hills Vineyard Merlot. This Merlot is oak aged with brown tones of Worcestershire. An exotic short flavored Merlot.

The top 10 Merlot wines of 2009 are rich and full-flavored. A variety of fruits and production processes are used to provide wine enthusiasts with robust choices.