The Top 10 R&B; Groups of the 1990’s

For anyone 25 years and older we all remember the era of music when you were in college, high school (or for some of the younger ones, Junior High school even), that you grew up on. Whether listening to Wanya, Shawn, Nate & Mike serenade you with the sweet, sensual sounds of “Uhh-Ahh”, or having K-Ci and Jojo, sing us a verse, it was a time where there was a plethora of talented R&B; groups to choose from. Allow me to take you back to that time of harmonizing, show stopping, breathtaking, record making, legend molding and classic creating hits! As we take a musical walk down memory lane.

10. Brownstone
A really dope female group that had incredible voices and a flawless debut album (From the bottom up), back in 1995!

9. Shai
Quartet of guys who did their thing vocally either Acapella or with music!

8. Silk
Keith Sweat founded, talent approved (just minus the begging, lol)!

7. 112
These guys were one of my faves during the mid to late 90’s. Another group with a classic debut back in 96 (their self titled debut was a straight player, an album you could play from beginning to end with no filler fast forward material). It’s a shame groups don’t make classic quality like this anymore.

6. Dru Hill
The sons to Jodeci’s style when they first came out, these brothas could sing with power and passion! Their 96 debut was good, but the 2nd album Enter The Dru released in 1998 was even better. I still remember, “These are the times” as one of my favorite Dru Hill records to date!

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5. Destiny’s Child
This was a tough pick b/c even though their success was undeniable, most of their acclaim came after the 90’s (but their debut album came out around 98/99, so technically they are still a 90’s group). Either way D.C. was hot, stylish and trendsetting so you have to give these ladies their respect due. Even with all the drama and member changes they still managed to be one of (if not the) biggest selling female R&B; groups of all time

4. S.W.V.
These sista’s were always my favorite female R&B; group. They dropped so many hits from 92-97 (Right Here, plus it’s Human Nature remix, Downtown, I’m So Into You, Weak, Use Your Heart, Rain, Anything (Remix feat. Wu-Tang Clan, etc.) etc. It’s truly a shame that the group disbanded before they had a chance to get the props and respect due they truly deserved!

3. Jodeci
No one could deny their gospel raised harmony, and raunchy musical taste, and why would you if it sounded this good. The 90’s original bad boys of R&B; were in a class by themselves, as they were a Hip-Hop version of an R&B; group! Before DRS (Dirty Rotten Scoundrels) dropped Gangsta Lean, or The Whitehead Brothers released Forget I Was A G. (off the Jason’s Lyric soundtrack), or before groups like Jagged Edge and Dru Hill, there was Jodeci! All hail to the Kings of Hip-Hop Soul!

2. En Vogue
The original girl power super group of the 90’s. Before TLC, Destiny’s Child, Spice Girls or Pussycat Dolls, there was En Vogue! Four gifted women who were blessed with phenomenal talent to sing and harmonize like no one else could!

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1. Boys II Men
Hands down these brothas from Philly changed the game. By showing you can have your own style, flava, sophistication, and still be romantic and sexy for the ladies. But most of all it was their work ethic, consistency and attention to detail (most likely groomed and honed by Mr. Michael Bivins who was from another great legendary group in it’s own right from the 80’s, New Edition), mixed with their supreme talent that helped make them one of the most successful groups ever, and the most successful R&B; group of their 90’s era bar none! Motownphilly, much props! And now for my honorable mentions, who are:

Jagged Edge
Az Yet
Soul For Real

So now you’ve seen my list, but I want to hear from you guys on the World Wide Web. Who do you give respect to for being the top 10 greatest R&B; group of all time and why? Thanks for checking me out and till next time, peace.

And before anyone even makes the comment the reason I didn’t have TLC on my list is because as talented, incredible and successful as they were I didn’t really consider them a traditional R&B; group. (they were more like a mixture of rap, pop & r&b;) not that that’s a bad thing or negative, but I just wasn’t convinced they really fit the criteria for this particular list. But hey if you think I’m wrong then include them on a list of your own and inform others and myself why you feel they belong here. I welcome a different perspective. Thanks again guys and take care