The Top 10 Songs by Flogging Molly, My Favorite Band

For the last handful of years, my answer to, “Who is your favorite band?” has remained the same: Flogging Molly. There’s nothing like a smattering of Ireland to infiltrate the punk and rock music scene, leaving you with a desire to kick up your heels and have another drink.

Flogging Molly was officially introduced to me during the early stages of my college years. I can thank my roommate for filtering their songs through her speakers, though unknowingly, I had sampled their music earlier in high school. I can remember being sprawled out across the bottom bed of our bunks in the dorm, tapping my feet on the overhead frame to the likes of Dave King’s unmistakable voice. It didn’t take long before we were lining up around the street corners waiting impatiently to attend their concerts at the local venues.

For as long as I’ve been a fan of the seven-member band – with their variety of stringed instruments, percussions, free-reed aerophones, pipes, and yes, even a tin whistle – I’ve yet to find a song I did not like, a concert moment I would not soon forget, or a friend who did not enjoy the likes of Flogging Molly. Much criticism has come to them, following in the shadows of such classic groups as The Pogues or The Dubliners, but one thing remains the same – a Flogging Molly fan is for life.

01. Rebels of the Sacred Heart – Originally discovered in 2001 on a Warped Tour compilation album, the song remains number one in my heart, not only leaving a notch as the first song of theirs I had ever heard, but for also being the epitome of Flogging Molly greatness. No true admirer can claim this song to be less than perfect.

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02. Another Bag of Bricks – Without a doubt, an amazing song of nerve to continue the walk along the path The Pogues paved for them, rivaling the formers’ “Turkish Song of the Damned” in tune and gusto. An excellent upper and downer, whichever way you choose to look at it.

03. Whistles the Wind – Everyone has their own special reasons for why music plays an important part in their lives, but “Whistles the Wind” is one of those songs that can only have true power when being performed. Straying away from the fast-paced roots of the album, it takes a slower approach, giving the mosh pit kids time to breathe, link arms with the most nearby stranger, and have a moment to just adore while swaying back and forth to the rhythm. Finding your best mates and having that brief spot in time to sing at the top of your lungs makes this one of the most memorable live songs for me.

04. Devil’s Dance Floor – The unforgettable opening riff gets you up out of your seat and on the floor in one second flat, keeping you dancing the whole time through. I can’t remember a concert where I wasn’t absolutely winded moments before this song started, but somehow found the courage to double up on the fervor to rock my brains out.

05. If I Ever Leave This World Alive – Yet another beautiful ballad that forces you to stop what you’re doing and just adore the band. Though number five on the list, it still remains a top favorite for generalized sentimental lyrical purposes. Again, another song no fan can ever think about hating.

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06. Screaming at the Wailing Wall – The first track off Within a Mile of Home, it has a hook with a barb you just can’t pull away from. More concert going experiences after the release of this album had all the sweeter tastes of passion and enjoyment when the song was played, causing a riotous uproar, allowing all patrons to see just how amazing the band is with their lyrical insight and plain old fun and catchy refrains.

07. Tobacco Island – Another nod to history and culture, “Tobacco Island” is a speedy lyrical genius of a song about Oliver Cromwell and his cohorts and the toll on the victims. But the history lesson aside, it makes for a wicked dance with companions, strange and familiar alike.

08. The Worst Day Since Yesterday – The title says it all – there really is nothing like having a bad day and just being able to have this song console you. If life soundtracks were prevalent, this would always be a number one track for people everywhere.

09. What’s Left of the Flag – I’ve always loved the song. Concert memories come to mind forever, but what sticks out most is the slow start of about forty five seconds and the sudden upheaval of lyrics and bodies. This was always a favorite to have initiate the start of any road trip; a mood-setter, she be.

10. Swagger – The best traveling music a person can have. Enough said.