The Top 10 Stone Temple Pilots

10. Trippin’ on a Hole in a Paper Heart

I believe this was the first STP song I heard, unless I had heard one before and just didn’t know the band. I remember playing this song on Guitar Hero II and at the time, didn’t care for it that much. Possibly because it was a cover on the game. But looking back it at now, a great first track to introduce me to a great band.

9. Take A Load Off

The second single from the recent self-titled release from Stone Temple Pilots. When I first heard this song, I was a little disappointed in the middle of the first listen. But then I reviewed over my listen at the end, and found myself to really enjoy the song from then on. This song demonstrates that Stone Temple Pilots can excel at more than grunge, and they do it very well in this tune.

8. Sex Type Thing

Sex Type Thing is a weird, possibly perverse, song. But I like it anyway. Coming from their amazing debut album “Core”, Sex Type Thing is not only a good grunge song, but a good song all around. I believe this song helped propel Stone Temple Pilots into being one of the best, and most praised, bands of the 90s.

7. Vasoline

You might remember this song from Rock Band I. That’s what I remember every time I hear it, sitting back and playing Rock Band. Fun song to play on the game, and a fun song to just listen to at any time. This song, along with Interstate Love Song and Big Empty, helped the album “Purple” follow up well to their debut, “Core.”

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6. Between the Lines

Stone Temple Pilots’ lead single from their latest album. I have grown to absolutely adore this song lately. I enjoy the clever lyrics especially. This track shows how, as I mentioned earlier, Stone Temple Pilots isn’t just grunge. After several years apart and working with other bands, this was a great song for them to reunite with.

5. Big Empty

If you do not recognize the title, you have probably heard this song. It was a radio-friendly song from the 90s and now I think about it, I probably heard this one long before Trippin’ on a Hole. This song is like many other STP classics in that it starts off slow and leads into an epic chorus, then goes back to slow afterward. Powerful song and fun to listen to.

4. Creep

You might know this song as “half the man I used to be.” This song is one of those songs that most people know, but never learn the name of. Another song that STP used in the 90s to support their debut and classic grunge sound, Creep is definitely one of the band’s superior tracks.

3. Wicked Garden

I love slower Stone Temple Pilots songs with the haunting, creepy, Scott Weiland vocals. This song is a great tune to show off Scott’s singing style and he extends every line as much as he can to do so. I have this song up at #3 as it is one of my personal favorites to listen to. It just sounds good.

2. Interstate Love Song

Observing this list, I have begun to see that Stone Temple Pilots are the kings of slow music. Almost every song on this list is slow, and we continue that trend with Interstate Love Song. Interstate Love Song is the perfect song to kick back after a hard day and just chill to. The song itself can carry your worries and issues way with how smooth it is. One of the smoothest songs I have ever heard, actually.

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1. Plush

If you have read my Top 10 Grunge songs list, you know this is not only my favorite Stone Temple Pilots song, but also my favorite Grunge song of all time. As I said in that list, it defines grunge and I see it as the apex track of Stone Temple Pilots’ career. I usually get very upset at the Grammy awards due to the bands that they exclude, but I am very proud that they gave this song a Grammy award. It definitely deserves one. One of my favorite songs of all time.