The Top 3 Online Shoe Retailers

Let’s say you’ve picked up the latest Vogue Magazine, or InStyle and noticed that all the hottest celebrities are wearing the hottest shoes! They’re stacked heels, or maybe flats – perhaps even platform shoes in the wildest, or most natural colors around. You decided, humbly, that you must have these shoes and venture on a mental mission to locate them. But where do I find these rare gems?, you might ask. Am I ready to scour every Bon Marche and Nordstrom Rack to find the best deals?

The answer is “NO!” You don’t have to run around large shopping malls and outlet joints searching for the most specific, rare pair of shoes. If you’ve gone that route before, you know exactly how frustrating and trying it can be when you don’t end up finding them. Or, say you do find these diamonds in the rough – flipping over that price tag only to reveal a number that sums up your next two paychecks can be heartbreaking.

Well, stop torturing yourself! I’ve searched and found the BEST online retailers that allow you to browse through hundreds of shoes from top designers in a matter of minutes – no elbowing and pushing through crowds necessary! These three websites have surpassed all expectations for online retailers – customer service excellence, selection and, most of all, great prices!

Zappos is world famous for their huge selection, low prices, and fast shipping. They’ve even gone so far as to partner with some shoe manufacturers and develop a “Zappos Exclusive” line supporting the designers and some of their best shoes! You may recognize some of the Zappos Exclusive members by the names of Vigotti, Gabrielle Rocha or Lumiani. Their average shipping time is approximately 3 business days from the day that you press “Buy!” on their easy-to-navigate website. If you’re nervous about not being able to try the shoes on first – don’t worry! Zappos offers quick, free returns.

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With a simple and to-the-point website name comes a simple and to-the-point concept! uses losts of lists and drop-down menus to help narrow down EXACTLY what you’re looking for! The prices are definitely comparable to Zappos and they’ve got a very large selection as well. Looking for wide shoes? Narrow width shoes? They’ve got large links right on the front page to cut down the hassle of searching every pair of shoes to see if your width is available. also offers free return service, guaranteed.

Shoemall takes pride in its process-of-elimination approach to finding the perfect shoe. With its six different ways in which to narrow down your search, certainly your dream-heel is not too far away! Their fiery “Hot Deals!” portion of the website brings the best bargains they’ve got directly to your screen. This is a great interactive website for all of your shopping needs. They’ve also got live chat support available if you get lost in all the fabulous deals!

Have fun ogling the thousands of affordable shoes these retailers have to offer. You can’t go wrong from these three sites, they’re sure to put you in a great pair of shoes that fit perfectly into your budget.