Tickling Scenes in Movies and Anime

Giant List Of Tickling Scenes In Movies/Television Shows

Directions: This list is not written in alphabetical order, but is separated by the first letter in the title. This list will define whether a scene takes place in a movie or television show and will define whether that scene is animated or not. English animated shows/movies will be listed as (Animated) and Japanese animated shows/movies will be listed as (Anime). This is simply to help people locate certain movies/shows. Also each television show’s name or episode number will be listed. At the bottom of the list is a category called, ‘Number Titles. This category was created in case a show/movie that has numbers for a title or has a number at the beginning of it’s title. If movies share the same titles as other movies I’ll post the year the movies were released.

Anime Terms:

OVA- ‘Original Video Animation
OAV- ‘Original Animation Video’
Hentai- ‘Adult Anime’


(Anime) A Little Snow Fairy Sugar- Episode 12
(Anime) Ah! My Goddess- Season 2: Episode 9
(Anime) Ai Yori Aoshi- Episode 8
(Anime) Air- Summer Special
(Anime) Aishiteruze Baby- Episode 5, Episode 25
(Animation Movie) Alice in Wonderland
(Hentai) Alien From The Darkness
(Animation Movie) Anastasia
(Hentai) Angel Blade Punish


(Movie) Bride Of Chucky
(Anime) Bamboo Blade- Episode 16
(Anime) Bleach- Episode 116
(Anime) Burn Up Excess- Episode 2
(Animation) Babar- A Tale of Two Siblings
(Anime) Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo- Episode 36, Episode 17, Episode 33


(Movie) Clueless
(Animation Movie) Coraline
(Animation) Courage The Cowardly Dog- Dr Le Quack Amnesia Specialist


(Anime) Digimon Frontier- Episode 23
(Anime OVA) Dragon Half- Episode 2
(Anime Movie) Dragonball- Sleeping Princess In Devil’s Castle
(Anime) Digimon Adventure- Episode 43, Episode 29
(Anime) Dragonball- Episode 48, Episode 52, Episode 62, Episode 82
(Anime) Dragonball GT- Episode 41, Episode 43
(Anime) Dragonball Z- 256
(Anime Movie) DragonBall Z- Tree Of Might

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(Movie) Elevator Girl
(Anime) El Cazador De La Bruja- Episode 11


(Anime) Fullmetal Alchemist – Episode 37


(Anime) Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kai- Episode 4, Episode 2
(Anime) Hitohira- Episode 2
(Anime) H2O Footprints In The Sand- Episode 3
(Anime) Hare+Guu- Episode 1
(Movie) Housekeeping


(Movie) I still Know What You Did Last Summer
(Anime OVA) Idol Defense Force HummingBird
(Anime) Ikkitousen- Episode 9


(Animation) Jackie Chan Adventures- Season 2 Episode 26
(Movie) Joes Apartment


(Anime) Kamichu!- Episode 8
(Anime) Kanokon- Episode 11
(Anime) Kare Kano- Episode 8
(Anime OVA) Kekko Kamen- Episode 2
(Anime Movie) Kiki’s Delivery Service
(Anime OVA) Kimagure Orange Road- Episode 4
(Anime) Kino’s Journey- Episode 7
(Anime) Kodomo no Jikan- Episode 5
(Anime) K-ON!- Episode 9
(Anime OVA) Kuroshitsuji


(Anime) Lamune- Episode 1
(Anime) L-gaim- Episode 19
(Anime) Lost Universe- Episode 8
(Anime) Lupin the Third- Episode 16


(Anime OAV) Master of Mosquiton
(Anime) Maburaho- Episode 3
(Anime OVA) Magical Girl Pretty Sammy- Episode 2
(Anime) Magical Project S- Episode 17
(Anime) Magikano- Episode 1
(Anime) MAR- Episode 71, Episode 92
(Anime) Marmalade Boy- Episode 28
(Anime) Memole Dolce Memole- Episode 1
(Anime) Mew Mew Power- Episode 2
(Anime) Mouse- Episode 6
(Anime) Muteking- Episode 18
(Anime) My Otome- Episode 04, Episode 6, Episode 11, Episode 13, Episode 16, Episode 23
(Anime) Mobile Suit SD Gundam’s Counterattack- Episode 1
(Anime) Monster Rancher- Episode 1
(Anime Movie) My Neighbor Totoro


(Movie) North To Alaska
(Anime OVA) Negima ‘Summer’
(Anime) Nagasarete Airantou- Episode 12
(Anime) Negima!?- Episode 15
(Anime) Naruto Shippuden- Episode 129
(Anime) Ninja Nonsense- Episode 10
(Anime) Nogizaka Haruka No Himitsu- Episode 3

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(Anime) Ojamajo Doremi! Dokkan- Episode 18
(Anime) One Piece- Episode 131


(Anime) Petite Princess Yucie- Episode 8, Episode 2
(Animation) Phineas And Ferb- Journey To The center of Candace
(Anime) Pokemon Diamond And Pearl- Episode 31
(Anime OVA) PuniPuni Poemy- Episode 1
(Anime) Popotan- Episode 4
(Anime) Power Stone- Episode 19


(Movie) Robocop 2


(Anime) Sailor Moon- Episode 91, Episode 63
(Movie) Stripes
(Anime) Samurai Champloo- Episode 16
(Anime) Sasami Magical Girl’s Club- Episode 11
(Anime) Shin Koihime Musou- Episode 7
(Anime) Sister Princess- Episode 19
(Anime) Solty Rei- Episode 05
(Anime) Sora No Otoshimono- Episode 12
(Anime) Strawberry Panic- Episode 11
(Anime) Shadow Skill- Episode 10
(Anime) Shugo Chara!! Doki- Episode 88
(Anime) Sonic X- Episode 2


(Anime OVA) Ten Little Gall Force
(Animation Movie) Tarzan
(Anime) Tenchi Universe- Episode 18
(Anime) Tenshi ni Narumon- episode 5
(Anime) The Familiar of Zero- Episode 4
(Anime) The Law of Ueki
(Animation Movie) The Little Mermaid
(Anime Movie) Tsubasa Chronicle- Princess of the Country of the Birdcages
(Animation Movie) The Secret Of Nimh
(Anime) Tegami Bachi Letter Bee- Episode 4, Episode 19
(Animation Movie) The Jungle Book


(Anime) Utawarerumono- Episode 17


(Anime) Video Futagohime Gyu- Episode 21


(Anime) Witchblade – Episode 14


(Movie) X-Men
(Anime) XXX HOLIC- Episode 18


(Anime) Yu-Gi-Oh! GX- Episode 124
(Anime) Yumeiro Patissiere- episode 18


(Anime) Zettai Karen Children- Episode 24

Number titles-