Top 10 Beauty Tips Found on YouTube

I am not ashamed to admit that I am a beauty tutorial addict. Because I’m a no fuss-kinda-person when it comes to make-up & vanity, I truly enjoy watching & learning about the easiest way possible to “beautification.” I stumbled on these tips because I was first looking online for info on how to apply false eyelashes. What I found instead was an incredible group of ladies who’ve produced the most amazing lot of amateur beauty tutorials on By looking at the number of subscribers they have to their channels as well as the compliments posted on their comment pages, it is clear that they all have made life a little bit easier for others through sharing their knowledge and experience with beauty.

Although there are hundreds of tutorials on, below is a list of 10 of my favorite beauty tip tutorials not in any particular order of preference. They include free make-up, nail & hair tips, free visual how-to applications & even free money saving ideas.

Beauty Tip #1 — How to Extend Your Lip Gloss in 5 Minutes

This is an incredible tip on how to make your lip gloss last a little longer. The type of lip gloss containers involved in this tutorial are those that have wand applicators attached to the cap. Steps include: heating up a cup of water for about 2 minutes in a microwave (note: length of time is dependent on the power of your individual microwave), then placing the lip gloss containers in the cup of hot water. By soaking your lip gloss containers in the hot water for about 3 minutes, the gloss sticking to the sides of the container will slide down to the bottom. This makes it easier for you to access the lip gloss you initially thought were empty.

This beauty tip extends the life of your lip gloss, thus, saving you money by allowing you to fully utilize the content of your lip glosses.

MichellePhan who posted the tutorial states to heat the water for 5 minutes and soak the lip gloss container for another 5 minutes. You can actually modify the time periods that suits your needs & the results you observe. I noticed that you don’t need the full 5 minutes for each of the steps.

Watch the Lip Gloss Tutorial here.

Beauty Tip #2 — Curl Your Hair with Paper Bags

I found this beauty tip unique and interesting. It may sound a little odd on the surface, but when you understand the benefits of this method of curling hair, you will quickly sense that you have a jewel of a beauty tip in your hands.

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The maker of this tutorial is also MichellePhan. She showed how to curl your hair by using torn strips of paper from paper bags. This method is an inexpensive, eco-friendly, heat-free way of styling your hair. The absence of heat gives your hair some relief from the constant heat found in common styling appliances like a curling iron, hair straightener or heated curlers that most people typically use. This method is also a great way to style your hair when you have limited access to electricity such as on a camping trip. It can also save you time in the morning since you have already did most of the ‘curling’ the night before.

She simply rolled strands of hair around each strip of paper, rolled it upwards then secured the strip with a knot. She kept the strips in her hair overnight while she slept, removed the paper the next morning, then applied mousse through the curls to complete the hairstyle. Depending on your preference, she also suggested using pomade or wax to shape the curls.

This technique reminds me of the spongy twisty curlers they sold in the 70’s that also allowed you to sleep while you curled your hair.

Watch the Curling Hair Tip here.

Beauty Tip #3 — Electronic Toothbrush Skincare Treatment

Who would’ve have guessed that an electronic toothbrush had anything to do with skin care? Beauty guru, MichellePhan, posted this tutorial on She explained that exfoliation is an important part of keeping your skin healthy & encourages new skin cells to form by removing the old skin cells. Through her experience, she has discovered that using an electronic toothbrush coupled with a mild cleanser with microbeads was an efficient and cost-effective way to acheive a ‘microdermabrasion’ treatment at home. Brilliant!

She does emphasize that the toothbrush bristles must be soft. If not soft enough, then use a pumice stone to wear down the new bristles before using it on your face.

Watch the Toothbrush Skincare Treatment here.

Beauty Tip #4 — How to Disinfect Makeup

Ever wonder how cosmetic counters keep sample make-up clean? Based on her experience, Pinkiecharm explains that this technique is used by a variety of cosmetic companies. She states that by learning & using this technique she has saved money by purchasing and disinfecting ‘slightly used’ make-up on a website called She simply dips the tips of lipsticks & lip glosses in rubbing alcohol, then wipes the surfaces clean with tissue. For eyeshadows, pressed powder, & powder blushes, she sprays alcohol onto the surface, then wipes the surfaces of the makeup with a kleenex.

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I’m not certain if I’d ever purchase ‘used’ make-up, but her technique is handy to know in instances where one may have accidentally dropped the make-up on the floor, or needed to just disinfect an over used piece of make-up.

Watch the Disinfecting Makeup Products Here.

Beauty Tip #5 — How to Avoid the Mascara Smudges with a Business Card

The make-up that I dislike the most is mascara. I find it so difficult to apply. You can spot a rookie mascara wearer (like me) so easily by looking for the black raccon tracks above and below the eyelashes where the rookie may have “over-stroked” the wand. Fortunately, rookie mascara wearers no longer have to make mascara faux pas like that anymore.

MichellePhan demonstrates the use of a business card to shield those areas around the eyes from stray mascara strokes. By lightly placing the business card on top of the eyelid or under the eye, stray mascara lands on the business card and not on the mascara wearer’s skin.

At 5:20, watch How to Apply Mascara Along with a Business Card.

Beauty Tip #6 — How to Thread Your Eyebrows on Your Own

I heard about “threading” a few years ago from one of the parents at my daughters’ school. It is a technique used to remove unwanted facial hair. There are actual salons that specifically provide only this type of service. Instead of tweezing or waxing, the “threading” technique is a less painful way of ridding oneself of unwanted facial hair.

While the client sits back comfortably in a chair, a technician skillfully rolls the thread against the area where the hair is to be removed. The hair is magically whisked away in a matter of minutes. Unlike shaving, threading gently pulls the hair from the roots which helps ritards regrowth.

An eyebrow treatment can cost up to $15 plus tip at a salon specializing in threading. A full facial hair removal can cost up to $40 per treatment. To save money, this tutorial by iheartkayden on YouTube shows how you can perform your own threading so you can keep your money in your pocket. All you need is a simple strand of thread and your fingers.

I’ve recently tried ‘threading’ and love the fact that I saved myself $40 for doing it myself.

Watch the Threading Technique here.

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Beauty Tip #7 — Doing Your Own French Manicure

Most manicurists usually are skilled enough to freehand the signature white tip unique to a French Manicure. Unfortunately, the average person may not have an equally steady hand. iheartkayden describes a unique way to give yourself a French Manicure by using scotch tape shaped like moons to serve as a shield or stencil for the white nail polish.

By applying the tape at the base of the nails’ natural tip, it creates a straight edge guide when applying the white nail polish.

View the Tutorial on Giving Yourself a French Manicure here.

Beauty Tip #8 — Acheive Different Looks with a Pashmina Scarf

PincStuff demonstrates the many looks one can have with the very versatile Pashmina Scarf, a scarf that is wider than your usual scarf and made of a lightweight fabric. I enjoyed how she “modeled” each look that was indeed, different than the one before. This scarf is a great way to extend the variety of a wardrobe.

View the Pashmina Scarf Tutorial here.

Beauty Tip #9 — How to Put On False Eyelashes

In my opinion, putting on false eyelashes requires much patience and a steady hand. julieg713 makes it look easy, however, my personal experience tells me differently. Nonetheless, what I did learn from this tutorial is that by being gentle with the false lashes & washing the glue off of them after wearing them will lengthen its useage, thus, saving money on having to replace the lashes.

See the Tutorial on How to Put on False Eyelashes here.

Beauty Tip #10 — How to Create the “Poof” Hairstyle like on Kelly Clarkson’s Video

I’ve always wondered how girls did the popular “poof” to their hair. Pursebuzz has taken the mystery out of the latest hairstyle. The “poof” can be worn directly on the crown of the head, or it can be worn towards the back of the head like in this hair tutorial. A bobbypin technique is also explained that secures the twisted portion of the hair better than the traditional method of inserting a bobby pin.

Watch the video on The Hairstyle Like Kelly Clarkson here.