Top 10 Controversial Topics

Due to the varying of peoples opinions, lifestyles, beliefs and ideas, no two people think the same about any one given topic. Below I have listed the top 10 topics to steer clear of in everyday conversations if arguments or confrontations concern you.

Religion. Due to the many different views on religion as a whole, it is impossible to come up with any 2 people who will think and agree on this subject. For many centuries, Religion has been the root cause for many catastrophic events. The Holocaust is the prime example of what happens when people don’t agree on religion. Thousands of innocent people were murdered because of their religious beliefs.

Race. Race has always been an issue in the world. From the early days of slavery to today’s hot immigration issue, race will never be a topic that anyone will or can agree on. Much of the problem stems on the fact that everyone comes from different backgrounds, and has differing views on how people should be treated. Groups have sprung up declaring their race to be superior; other races have promoted equality for their race by other means such as rallies, protests, boycotts and marches. Many people have died needlessly just because of the color of their skin.

Politics. The division in politics is as easy to see as the parties that may up our current political system. There are hard liners, conservatives, left wing, right wing, independent, Democrats, and Republicans; all of which try to lead us into thinking and believing what they do is the right way to do things. Many of the divisions in politics have to do with money. Who has the most of it and who wants to help others. Constituents who are generally already divided back the political groups. Things such as gender, financial status, and racial backgrounds have been proven factors on how a person chooses to view politics as a whole and what candidate or issues they support.

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War. Since the first war, there have been trouble finding people who can agree on this. Some people have been directly involved; either by serving themselves or by having lost one of their loved ones to it.

Gender Equality. Because of stereotypes, religious restrictions or teachings and other things, men and women, no matter if they are the same race, will always find problems when it comes to gender equality.

Money/Finance. Money is the root of all evil. People die over it every day. Things can run or not run because of it. Money makes the world go round- either you are one of the have’s or the have not’s.

Immigration. The problem with immigration in today’s society is that no one can agree to disagree. You see every day on the news about it, and you may even talk about it at work. Without a doubt, this is a very hot topic to shy away from if you don’t want an argument,

Abortion. Two words for the problem with this conversation killer- PRO-LIFE and PRO-CHOCIE. You can’t ride on both trains, so pick one.

Crimes And Punishments. Look no further than the court system to figure out why crime is such a huge topic in today’s society. From overcrowding prisons to who is paying for the crimes, this topic is one to watch out on.

Gay Marriage. While it may seem strange for people to be so concerned about something that has nothing to do with them, this topic is widely becoming a hot topic for both supporters and opponents.

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If at all costs, try and steer clear of the top ten listed topics. If you must engage in them, the easiest thing for you to do is to talk to those who may have similar interests and goals in life.