Top 10 Country Songs of 2009

Billboard tells you week after week who had the best country songs of the week. If you
want to find out who had the Top 10 country songs of 2009 you can find out here. If you are fan of country music
then you will want to see who was the best of the best this year. The list includes older
country singers and even some of the newer artists as well. Check out the best of 2009 here.

Craig Morgan

party all night down at the bonfire. Any one that knows
how to party and party right knows that the bonfire is the
place to be.

Small Town Southern Man
Alan Jackson

Alan Jackson did it again here in 2009. This song is about a
small town southern man that was faithful to his women and
was proud of all he had in life.

Taylor Swift

this song tells you about all the things that happen when you are fifteen.
When you are fifteen you may feel like you are with someone that you
could be someone that you will love for the rest of your life.When you
are fifteen you will believe anything that your first love says, but then
you will in time realize that there is so much more of your life to live.

Cowboy Casanova
Carrie Underwood

This is about those sweet talking men that and how women need to
stay away. They will smooth talk you but you better run for you

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It Happens

They did it again. This up beat song will get you
singing when you are having a bad day. Hey we all
know Sh** happens.This song talks about how there
is sometimes no reason for why bad things happen.
So be happy and know that it happens.

People Are Crazy
Billy Currington

This song is about a guy that met and older man
at the bar and getting to know him.How he spent all
the night talking to him and never talked to him again
after there. He saw the older mans face in the obituaries
and he left all his money to a guy he barely knew.

Big Green Tractor
Jason Aldean

This song is set for the country farmer.It speaks of spending time
with him on the back of his big green tractor. Sounds like a romantic
night to me.

American Ride
Toby Keith

Toby has done is again. This song speaks about all the things that we
do as a Americans, but how we still love this world even when all these
bad and unusual things happen.

Zac Brown Band

This is about him going on a tropical vacation and was able
to relax. He did not want to leave he was just happy were he

Need You Now
Lady Antebellum

This song is about those late night calls that some people
do either after having too much to drink or missing someone
that you are so used to having around and then deciding to
make a phone call even though you said that you would never
do it.

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These are the best country songs of 2009. If you were not a fan of country
music you will fall in love with these songs. Country music is making a
come back this year.