Top 10 Diets for Quick Weight Loss: From Grapefruit to Lemonade to Water

If your New Year’s resolution includes weight loss, listen up! There are 10 diets for quick weight loss you cannot do without! For those who want to lose weight quickly at the onset and then change their diet afterward, the 3-day diet, grapefruit diet and lemonade diet will work well.

Lose 10 pounds in three days with the 3-Day Diet.
This is a short term diet that will help you to shed mostly water weight but may also attack your fat reserves. Not recommended for the long term, it is a great way of getting rid of that extra five to 10 pounds that keep you from wearing that skimpy red dress. The plan is easy: drink fluids, reduce carbohydrates in your diet for three days, and keep the remainder caloric intake under 1,000 calories per day. A sample meal plan is found at a variety of websites and needs to be strictly followed.

Spend 18 days on the Grapefruit Diet (sometimes also referred to as the Hollywood Diet) and lose 10 pounds.
Metabolic studies have shown that grapefruit contains enzymes which directly affect insulin secretion. Although considered a fad diet since it does not actually offer a caloric modification plan, it has been shown to work in many cases. A variety of sample meal plans are available online, yet by and large their commonality rests in the fact that you will eat a selection of approved foods (mostly low in carbohydrates) while also adding half a grapefruit to each meal. Since some medications are adversely affected by grapefruit or its juice, you will need to carefully read up on the drugs you are taking prior to incorporating this diet into your weight loss regimen.

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Cleanse your system and lose 20 pounds in 10 days while doing so with the Lemonade Diet (also known as the Master Cleanse Diet).
The diet secret of the stars, this colon and body cleanse with weight loss benefits has long since been making the rounds in Hollywood. Avoid eating solid food for one week and instead drink only a mixture of lemon juice, maple syrup, water, and cayenne pepper. You may heat it up, bring it to near freezing, or drink it at room temperature. At the conclusion of your diet you need to very carefully add solid foods back to your way of eating by beginning with broths and soups. The use of probiotics is also recommended.

Moving on from the diets that allow you to lose weight at the drop of a hat but not really offer much by way of behavior modification to those that seek to help you change the way you eat, the Nutrisystem, Jenny Craig and also Weight Watchers approaches have been godsends.

Nutrisystemis not cheap by any stretch of the imagination, but it one of the healthiest programs on the market. For about $300 per month you will be sent – to your door – deliveries of the meals you are permitted to eat. Taking the guesswork out of calorie counting, carb counts, protein weighing and so forth, you will have healthy meals with just the right amount of fiber and low enough on the glycemic index to keep your insulin levels healthy. When you consider how much you spend each month on junk food, meals, and other foods, you will find that $300 is actually not that expensive.

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Jenny Craighas been a staple on television commercials for a long time and the approach consists of meetings for emotional support during the dieting phase in conjunction with specifically prepackaged food you need to purchase. It is hard to pinpoint the actual cost of the program, and you will be wise to contact your local center for a nuts and bolts breakdown.

Perhaps the least expensive weight reduction method that involves food choice modification and also weekly meetings is the Weight Watchers plan. Offering a variety of different programs to adjust to your particular needs, the goal is to help you reduce and eliminate unhealthy eating pattern and instead learn how to make food work for you. Even though the company does offer prepackaged foods, unlike the other two plans, the purchase of the food is not required.

For those who dislike weekly meetings and do not want to mess with prepackaged food purchases but instead find that they are perfectly capable of following the guidelines set forth in any diet cookbook themselves, the Atkins Diet and also South Beach Diet work best. With the South Beach diet being perhaps the less expensive and also healthier of the two, the approach is quite similar: carbohydrate intake is severely curtailed in favor of a protein rich meal plan. Insulin secretion is manipulated to permit hard to lose weight to be shed gradually and consistently.

A ninth diet option is the medically supervised weight reduction with the help of prescriptions. Using Orlistat (Xenical), Tenuate, or Meridia is a way of speeding up the metabolism, tricking the body into suppressing hunger signals, and also eliminating 30% of ingested fat without permitting it to be metabolized are the approaches the medications take. When coupled with any of the diet options aforementioned (except of course the first three) and adding a generous dose of exercise into the mix, you cannot lose (other than the weight, of course).

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Last but not least is the water diet, also referred to as the “before, during and after” diet.
There is nothing miraculous about this approach but instead it incorporates a healthy dose of common sense with a healthy activity. Modify your diet to cut out unhealthy choices and instead include healthy foods at normal portions. Then drink an eight ounce glass of water before the meal, another one during the meal, and then finally one when you are done eating. Weight loss may be as much as 10 pounds per month.

As with any diet regimen you may consider, remember that it is always wise to consult with your physician prior to undertaking it. A complete physical with blood work and all other recommended tests should precede a modification of your food intake, especially if it presents a radical change. The same is true for any exercise plan you may consider following. Failure to discuss such choices with your doctor first may jeopardize your health and even have fatal consequences!